What is the Trust System in Final Fantasy XIV?

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The FFXIV trust system allows players to take a squad of NPCs through a dungeon with them, rather than other “real people” players. But these aren’t just any NPCs. They’re characters taken directly from the Main Story Quest.

This is an idea that actually stems from Final Fantasy XI, and has been a huge benefit since its introduction into Eorzea.

This has allowed some more introverted players to get through the story without any extra anxiety.

And if you’re a DPS it’s also been amazing for queue times!

It used to be that DPS’ had to wait forever to get into a dungeon. The Trust System fixes that.

If you’re not willing to wait to get into the dungeon, or if you want to do some adventuring on your own, just call upon your allies. Alphinaud and Alisae will be happy to help you out.


Trust System Pros & Cons

The three allies that come with you won’t be as good as real players.

But they’ll get the job done.

It will undoubtedly take you longer to complete dungeons with NPCs than it would with experienced players, but you gotta weigh the pros and cons here.

The NPCs will be competent enough to get you through the dungeon. They can handle all the mechanics that any boss will throw at you, which is really all you can ask for with computers.

So you’re probably thinking there’s gotta be some kind of serious drawback?

Well, there is… but it’s not huge.

The only drawback to the Trust System is the fact that it hasn’t been around very long.

It was only introduced in Shadowbringers, which is one of the newer Final Fantasy XIV expansions.

This means only dungeons that have been introduced since then are compatible with the Trust System.

But the good news is that the Trust System isn’t going anywhere.

Every new dungeon added since Shadowbringers released in 2019 has been compatible with the Trust System.

And there’s no real requirement to unlocking the Trust System, either. It’ll become available as soon as you unlock the first Shadowbringers dungeon, Holminster Switch.

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