What is Determination in Final Fantasy XIV?

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Determination is one of the many stats in Final Fantasy XIV that affects your character’s offensive and defensive capabilities. Your determination stat affects the amount of damage dealt by both physical and magical attacks. It also affects how much health is restored from healing spells.

So as you can imagine, Determination is a pretty important stat, but far from the most important.

And there isn’t much you can do to affect your determination stat, unfortunately. Mainly you’ll be stuck with whatever your gear gives you.

But that doesn’t mean you’re completely out of luck! You can always make sure you equip gear sets that give more determination than others.

You could also equip gear with high determination and some free Materia slots. Assuming the Determination isn’t capped out, then you can insert Determination Materia and increase it even more.

This is what hardcore players do to maximize their stats.

Just note, this will cost you a ton of Gil and a whole bunch of Materia Melding materials. We’re talking about the Materia itself, and any of the numerous components you’ll need to affix them.

Most of these can be found in dungeons, and even from the Market board.

Way back in the olden times you needed to level up the right Crafting class to affix Materia to gear. It was a painful process, but Square-Enix made it a lot easier. Now there are NPCs throughout Eorzea who can do it for you for only a meager fee.

This is great, trust me, because the old way was an absolute pain.

Is Determination right for you to optimize, though?

Well, that’s up for each individual player to decide.

There’s no right or wrong answer, and even if you don’t max out your Determination, you’ll be absolutely fine to play as whatever class or character you’re going for.

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