Tangled Gift Ideas For Disney Fans: Best Toys, Plushies & Memorabilia

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In 2010 Disney released Tangled, a re-telling of the classic German fairy tale Rapunzel.

It was the most expensive animated movie made to date and it was widely praised for its technical achievements, combining 3D rendering with 2D animation techniques.

It emphasized making the lead heroine an active protagonist trying to take control of her own life, rather than a secondary character fulfilling the role of a damsel in distress.

It’s a coming-of-age kind of story where Rapunzel leaves the comfort and safety of her tower to take her place in the world with the help of friends like the adventurous Flynn and her chameleon Pascal.

If you’re a true Tangled fan then you’ll definitely want a few collectible items lying around your place. And to help you find the best gift ideas for yourself or someone else, I’ve organized this list of merch recommendations that any fan would love.

Tangled Toys & Figures

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Series Figure Play Set

For kids, playing is all about re-creation and imagination.

With this play set comprised of the show’s most relevant characters, little kids can build their own magical adventures and tangle everyone together in new and creative ways.

This set stands out because, contrary to many others, it’s based on the show rather than the movie, and therefore includes characters like Varian and the warrior Cassandra.

Their simple, stylized design seeks to emulate the show’s unique animation style to great success.

This authentic Disney merchandise is sure to please any kid who wants to add a larger cast to their stories.

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Enesco Resin Figurine

I’ve always found the idea of climbing a tower with a rope of hair somewhat dangerous. But I’ll be real with you… if it was in search of such a regal princess, I’d take the risk without thinking twice.

This figure is part of the Disney Couture de Force collection, from manufacturer Enesco in conjunction with Disney themselves.

It’s the fanciest look the golden-haired monarch has ever donned, with beautiful flowers in her hair and an intricately embroidered dress that goes perfectly with her hand-painted features.

This piece of art is the perfect gift for any princess, or whoever happens to rule over your heart… even if that’s yourself.

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Jim Shore Disney Traditions

Also from Enesco comes this wonderfully crafted Disney Traditions by Jim Shore piece.

It’s delicately hand-carved from wood and painted with age-old techniques to create a living piece of folk art.

The colors are vivid and they take to the wood perfectly, so there’s no risk of them easily flaking off or anything of the sort.

This sculpture will last for a long time making it a must for any Disney fan looking for that centerpiece that will finally finish a room’s decor, or simply something they can look at and smile.

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Rapunzel w/ Maximus Toy

Among many things she’s capable of doing, Rapunzel is a proficient horse rider.

She loves getting to know the countryside of her Kingdom of Corona on the back of Maximus, the trusty horse with whom she’s shared so many adventures.

This toy from the Disney Princess line features just such a scene.

The two figures are highly articulated and both Rapunzel’s hair and Maximus’s tail are brushable and accesorizable to suit anyone’s fancy.

It’s a wonderful gift for children who like their toys to be multi-purpose. One day you’re at the hair salon, the next you’re slaying dragons in the dark corners of the world!

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LEGO Disney Kit

As any LEGO lover knows, the little plastic building blocks will greatly enrich anyone’s life. Especially for children.

So introduce your offspring to the wonders of LEGO with this Tangled building kit, which lets them have Rapunzel’s little corner of magic essentially anywhere in their LEGO kingdom.

Rapunzel’s little LEGO version is one of the cutest I’ve seen, and it even comes with a cast-iron pan to smack people over the head with!

Anything is possible with LEGO… who knows what the tower will become in the hands of an inventive architect?

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Bullyland Pascal Action Figure

If you’re one of those specialized fans who simply love every Disney animal rather than princes or princesses, then consider Pascal.

He can’t change colors like a real chameleon would, but that’s fine. Because the paint job on this tiny lizard is beautiful as-is.

The attention to detail on this hand-painted piece is striking and it’s the most adorable decoration for a desk. Or maybe in a small montage like an aquarium or garden.

If you end up with this you can also come back and check out the manufacturer’s other renditions of varied Disney characters!

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One Magical Night Figurine

Another beautiful piece by Jim Shore in collaboration with Disney is this storybook sculpture which captures the magical moment when Rapunzel and Flynn finally realize they’re in love, floating on a barge and surrounded by an entrancing spectacle of floating paper lamps.

Every detail, including the painting process, is done by hand. So no two pieces are exactly the same and this add that special spark that makes a room come to life.

Get it for yourself, or as a gift for that special someone who makes you feel like you’re floating in the wind among the lanterns.

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Tangled Plushies

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Pascal Mini Bean Bag

If you’re interested in something softer then a cute Pascal bean bag plush may be what you need.

It’s ideal to complete a Rapunzel costume, or just to have it rolling around on a bed or sofa for anyone to entertain themselves.

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For something a bit bigger you could get this determined-looking plush Maximus.

Despite being super soft, it’s also firm enough to maintain its shape and it’ll make a perfect decoration for any place in need of some equine charm.

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Funko Disney Rapunzel Plush

Funko is better known for its Pop! Figurines, but they also make collectible plushes of a very high quality.

This Rapunzel plushie has a beautiful finish with finely embroidered details and a textured outfit, not to mention the fact that it’s a cuteness overload.

It’s like Rapunzel turned into a Powerpuff Girl!

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Flynn Plush Doll

To go with the Maximus plush, I recommend this Flynn toy from the same line.

It’s soft and cuddly, as any plushie should be, even if those aren’t exactly Flynn’s usual features.

His look is inspired by the TV cartoon so it’s ideal for a young fan who’s excited about the new season.

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Tangled Apparel & Costumes

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Silhouette Tee

For those of you looking to show your love for Rapunzel, this official Disney t-shirt with a stylized design complete with paper lanterns and the Disney castle is something you cannot pass over.

It’s 100% cotton so it’s comfortable, fully breathable, and easy to wash.

And it comes in different colors to please men women & children.

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Rapunzel Sketch T-Shirt

Another option if you want to go for something more fresh and unique is this officially licensed t-shirt with a more artistic flavor.

Regrettably it’s only available for women, but this flowery easy-going design is sure to make a great gift or simply complete a laid-back everyday attire.

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Don’t Just Dream

“Don’t Just Dream, Do It” is the family-friendly Disney version of Shia LaBeouf’s “Just do it!”

And it encapsulates what Rapunzel is all about perfectly.

Fight for what you want, don’t let your dreams remain dreams, and take control of your destiny.

You can start your self-improvement journey with this t-shirt to motivate yourself and inspire those around you.

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Rapunzel Hair Braid

One of the most challenging aspects of creating the perfect Rapunzel costume is getting her hair right.

I mean, it’s supposed to be long enough for someone to climb a tower with it!

It’s hard to find an option quite as long and lush as this amazing braided wig from MISS U HAIR.

It’s hand-crafted to look and feel as natural as possible, while also remaining comfortable and surprisingly light for its size which will save you some neck pain down the line.

Get this for Halloween or cosplaying if you don’t mind being stopped by people for photoshoots.

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Women’s Braided Wig for Rapunzel Costume

If the length of the previous item is still too much for you, then consider this somewhat shorter and easy-to-handle wig from manufacturer Angelaicos.

It’s perfect for cosplaying the princess at a Comic-Con or at a children’s party where you’ll have to do a lot of moving and posing. But the breathable rose mesh will keep your scalp fresh and not too sweaty.

It also includes some ornamental flowers so you can put some life and color into your braid, which go perfectly with the surprisingly natural hue and gloss of the hair.

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Flynn Rider Costume

If instead of Rapunzel you’d rather dress-up as her partner in crime then this hand-made Flynn Rider costume is what you need.

Not only are the colors and proportions remarkably accurate, even the leather looks spot-on.

The attention to detail on this costume is amazing and the boots are specially striking.

Just remember to save yourself some trouble and check their measurement guide thoroughly!

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Tangled Memorabilia & Collectibles

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Steelbook Collectible Bluray

Although digital has mostly overtaken physical discs, no digital file on a computer will ever replace a steel-book cover for the movies and shows you love most.

If you’re really passionate about Tangled and its colorful cast of characters there is no better way to show your love than setting it apart from the mountains of discs in plastic covers most people who appreciate the physical medium have laying around.

This also goes great for any young kids who want to watch this movie at any time, or for anyone who’s a big DVD/Bluray collector.

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Funko Figurines

Funko Pop Figures

I consider myself a Funko Pop! enthusiast, and by far one of my favorite ones is this Rapunzel figurine.

It’s not only universally-appealing but one of the cutest characters in Funko’s roster.

Look at those teeny-tiny eyelashes. And those flowers look so cute in her hair! The colors on her princess gown are matched just like in the movie as well.

She’s truly one of the best, and she’ll make a great addition to any collection.

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Pascal Ornament

Pascal Ornament

Although this beautiful Pascal ornament is meant to hang on a Christmas tree, it’s actually very tough design-wise.

So you can go ahead and place this cheery chameleon on your keys or hang it from the rear-view mirror of your car if you want.

If you end up liking it you can also get some matching luminary lantern ornaments like the ones in the movie from the same manufacturer.

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Tangled Makeup Bag

Tangled Makeup Bag

This collaboration between handbag manufacturer and designer Danielle Nicole and Disney perfectly marries your favorite franchise with a contemporary and modern flare to create this adorable makeup bag.

It’s shaped like a painting palette, complete with Pascal in the corner to make you feel like Rapunzel painting the walls of her tower when you’re applying lipstick.

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Tangled Banner Ribbon

Tangled Banner

This hand-crafted decoration from bestseller DisneyDayDesigns at Etsy is the perfect way to give any Tangled-themed event, like a birthday party, an authentic feel.

The banners feature the symbol of the Kingdom of Corona as seen on the luminary lanterns from the movie, and they come in different shades of purple depending on your preferences.

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Rapunzel Lanterns

Rapunzel Lantern

Last but not least we have these reproductions of the paper lanterns featured in the movie.

Etsy seller TangledLanternCo makes a new batch for every order so you can get them in different colors depending on what you need.

They’re available in cubic or cylindrical shapes and they’re ideal to use as photoshoot props, living room decorations, or anything you can think of.

Maybe they won’t fly like in the movie, but they’ll make your heart soar with excitement once you set them up.

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