Sims 4 Thot CC: Outfits, Hairdos & More (SFW)

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Thot is a term often used to describe a woman who may be a little out there, if you know what I mean.

And hey, there’s no shame in that.

So if you’re looking to build a thottie in your TS4 game, here’s some of the best CC that you might look into.


Morgause Eyes

Morgause Diva Eyes / Sims 4 Cc

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Praline gives us these seductive diva eyes that fit the bill perfectly.

And they’re gonna look great on almost any Sim gal.

You get round and big pupils that tease innocence, but are hard to gaze away from.

This puppy dog look comes with 10 swatches, giving cool eye colors such as lime green and violet.


Goktu Dress

Goktu Dress For Sims 4

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Want to dress classy but still show off your crazy side?

This dress by Rabbyte is the perfect balance of class and crazy.

The business in the front, party in the back reference works great with this dress. Not sure if that’s actually good or bad…

Well this CC offers an elegant but tight fit on the front side, and features a transparent cloth on the back side.

A great item for those Sims who are undercover thots.


Diva Lipgloss

Diva Lipgloss Ts4 Cc

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Shiner lip gloss has always carried a skimpy vibe to it.

And this lip gloss comes in 4 swatches, including hot pink.

A quick polish to make your Sim shine out, and look good doing it.

Plus if you’re looking for even more lip gloss CC, we’ve got you covered.


Puma Leggings

Puma Leggings Sims 4 Cc

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Leggings are a popular choice in the modern day (and maybe even some yoga pants).

But they do tend to carry the notion of showing off one’s legs and butt.

Well these Puma leggings are great for your Sim to exercise in, and having a real brand attached to it makes it even cooler.

Two styles in dark and light grey, a great thing to wear when going for a run or hitting the gym.


Wet-Look Style Berry Swimsuit

Wet-Look Style Berry Swimsuit Ts4 Cc

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What’s not to love here? We’ve got a tight fit, vibrant colors, and lots of skin.

All these things definitely help this swimsuit CC dive into the thot category.

And you’ll find 10 extremely eye-popping colors here, with the best being a jet black look that just wows the crowd.

Definitely a great option for Simstagram models hitting the beach and looking for a new picture to upload.


CandyDoll Diva Shorts

Candydoll Diva Shorts For Sims 4

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I feel like short shorts were a guarantee for a list like this.

Cut at the thighs, these particular shorts are well-detailed and feature cool decals like butterflies on the rear side.

Check this out for 10 gorgeous swatches. A great item to wear on those hot summer days.


Diva Buckle Bralette

Diva Buckle Bralette Sims 4 Cc

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Honestly, this has to be one of the most unique items I’ve seen clothing-wise for Sims 4 CC.

A buckle bralette that’s worn with a buckled strap, easy access to remove and put on.

And for those Sims looking for even more efficient WooHoos, here’s a solid solution.

A steel-looking finish also makes this bralette standout from other under garments in-game.


Diva Earrings

Diva Earrings For Sims 4

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Popular creator sugar owl brings us this next thot item, being these big hoop earrings.

Hate it or love it, these earrings aren’t usually worn by the nice girl that does everything she’s told.

You know the one.

These earrings come in multiple swatches, including a rainbow glow swatch which comes off fierce and bold.

Absolutely an item that fits well with a runway model, or perhaps a mean girl.


Daisy Duck Duval Set

Daisy Duck Duval Set Ts4 Cc

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Here’s some food for “thot”.

Sometimes the most innocent looks can feel the most scandalous.

This Daisy Duck outfit features a crop top pajama tee, and high-waisted pajamas with a cute pink ribbon to tie it altogether.

While playful, the outfit definitely has a skimpy element to it.

And hey, nothing wrong with that.


High Waist PVC Leggings

High Waist Pvc Leggings Sims 4 Cc

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Leggings return to close off this list with these PVC leggings by SrslySims.

These leggings are skin tight, give off that leather appeal, and overall they just a truly “come hither” clothing style for your Sim lady.

The High waisted design and the many color schemes make this CC perfect for a night at the club.

And let me say, the number of colors available here are insane, with 27 total variations.

This item definitely stands out when thinking about thot CC.

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