Sims 4 Maxis Match Emo CC: The Ultimate Collection

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Remember back in early 2000s when scene queens and emo teens reigned supreme?

Those were the days of MySpace, Soundcloud, and LiveJournal. Everyone wore smoky smudged eyeliner, fingerless striped gloves, and chunky combat boots.

Emo was – and still remains – a very bold and very distinct fashion choice. Even if you never tried it, you can still definitely appreciate how iconic it is.

And if you’d like your Sim to dabble in it, check out these emo-themed CAS CC items (all totally Maxis Match, of course!).


1. Rainbow Nails by simlaughlove

Rainbow Nails By Simlaughlove Ts4 Cc

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What self-respecting emo scene kid doesn’t have midnight black nail polish?

Bonus points if it’s chipped.

Yes, the file says Rainbow nails, but good ol’ ROYGBIV aren’t the only colors present for this palette. Check out the third swatch from the left.

It’s a beautiful black swatch that should fit the emo ensemble perfectly.


2. Khaos Makeup Set by bloodmooncc

Khaos Makeup Set By Bloodmooncc Sims 4 Cc

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Based on photos I’ve seen, emo kids like their eyeliner dark, dramatic, and smudged.

A perfectly sharp cat eye and false lashes may pop up from time to time but, for the most part, smoked and shadowy are the way to go.

If it looks like ink around your eyes, you done good.


3. Snitch Hair by castle-head

Snitch Hair By Castle-Head For Sims 4

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Exactly how the creator describes it: “weird emo hair.”

As a shameless fan of asymmetrical hairstyles, I strongly recommend this.

It comes in fourteen fun colors and honestly looks so good in-game.


4. Band Tees (recolor) by infinityonsims

Band Tees (Recolor) By Infinityonsims Ts4 Cc

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Are we happy the creator spent hours on this just so we could have some graphic band tees from Hot Topic?

Yes. Yes we are.

If your Sim never listened to MCR, P!atD, or FOB, can they really claim emo status?

Don’t forget to download the mesh from gorillax3 – it’s linked in the description.


5. Emo Hair by David Sims

Emo Hair By David Sims Sims 4 Cc

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According to, “Emo hair” is defined as the name for a “jagged, eye-covering, banged hairstyle.”

Does that not just describe this hair exactly?

Mad kudos to the creator for capturing the description in visual, Maxis Match format.


6. Spikey Hair by David Sims

Spikey Hair By David Sims For Sims 4

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Here’s another treat from David Sims. It may not be explicitly named “emo hair,” but the style is definitely similar.

Jagged? Eye-covering? Bangs?

Check, check, and check.

You can download the unisex version via a link in the description section, too.


7. Spooky Scary Skeletons Tattoo Set by lafiestatech

Spooky Scary Skeletons Tattoo Set By Lafiestatech Ts4 Cc

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Skeletons and emo sort of go hand-in-hand (although they’re also interchangeable with goths).

So this set full of spooky, ghoulish tats is perfect for your CC folder.

There are 19 different designs all put into one full-body tattoo, and they don’t look or feel disjointed at all.


8. Lay Back Pants by Trillyke

Lay Back Pants By Trillyke Sims 4 Cc

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These aren’t acid-wash skinny jeans with more rips than is practical, but they still scream emo (with a dash of goth and punk, maybe).

The cut, the material, and the dangling chains? Totally in-theme — especially if you stick to the black and charcoal gray swatches.


9. Emo Shirts (simblreen treat #2) by whirliko

Emo Shirts (Simblreen Treat #2) By Whirliko For Sims 4

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This CC set contains twelve flavors of oversized graphic tees with striped armbands and band logos.

I know that five of them say My Chemical Romance, but don’t worry; there are other designs.

Five of the swatches feature cute (if not slightly disturbing) emoji-like prints!


10. Emo Shirts (cupidjuicecc recolor) by whirliko

Emo Shirts (Cupidjuicecc Recolor) By Whirliko Ts4 Cc

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Whirliko is just the gift that keeps on giving to our emo Sim hearts.

If their previous Emo Shirts were oversized tees with striped sleeves, these brand new Emo Shirts recolors are long-sleeved graphic tees with the same cute-slash-disturbing emojis (and MCR, of course).

There are 20 swatches this time around, and you can view them all via a link in the description.


11. Accessory Tied Shirt (Male + Female) by tamo

Accessory Tied Shirt (Male + Female) By Tamo Sims 4 Cc

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This item isn’t explicitly emo, but it can be used for an emo ensemble.

Picture this with baggy denim jeans, a black Jimmy Eat World graphic tee, some black arm bands, and a dark beanie. Throw in a shaggy haircut with chunky highlights while you’re at it.

Picture painted? Good.

You can find this in the Rings category.


12. Black Lip Collection by setsuki

Black Lip Collection By Setsuki For Sims 4

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Pair your black nail polish, black eyeshadow, and black eyeliner with a stunning black lip.

It’s bold, it’s beautiful, and it’s practically an emo staple at this point.

Plus the creator provides both matte and glossy options.


13. “Cry About It” Runny Mascara by sylvan-glade

“Cry About It” Runny Mascara By Sylvan-Glade Ts4 Cc

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What’s more emotional than some fresh tear tracks and runny mascara?

These custom mascara swatches are great for emo fashion photoshoots and building storylines. They’re also generally great to have on-hand for those stressful, emotional moments that happen in-game.

Sometimes your Sim just needs to let it out, you know?


14. Hard Day’s Night Eyeliner by RenlishSims

Hard Day’s Night Eyeliner By Renlishsims Sims 4 Cc

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These runny makeup tracks are neater and more controlled than the previous item. They come off as intentional and stylized rather than accidentally messy; like the makeup smeared and the Sim liked how it looked so decided not to fix it.

Do note the creator’s description: “for the emo sims,” or the “partied-too-hard sims,” who woke up regretful.

In the context of this article, definitely the first option.


15. LOVESICK Punk Rock Pants/Jeans by simmingwithboba

Lovesick Punk Rock Pants/Jeans By Simmingwithboba For Sims 4

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I know the name says “Punk Rock,” but I would argue that these jeans can easily pass for emo-punk with the right accessories.

Plus I’m genuinely in love with them, so. I need to share them.

They’re big, they’re bellbottomed, and they have aggressive print designs on both legs. Totally for keeps.


16. Ripped Stockings by SimGirlNextDoor

Ripped Stockings By Simgirlnextdoor Ts4 Cc

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Move over, ripped skinny jeans.

Ripped stockings are coming to take your wig.

Pair with shorts or skirts to maintain that rugged, rumpled style that’s often equated to emo fashion.

Add tamo’s Tied Shirt accessory and, voila. Casual emo getup for the days when an all-black ensemble is a little too stifling.


17. Dolly Choker Earrings Set by bloodmooncc

Dolly Choker Earrings Set By Bloodmooncc Sims 4 Cc

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Bloodmooncc’s Dolly chokers and earrings tread the line between cute, creepy, and downright disturbing.

Probably a little more goth than emo, but they still can land in the latter category. Especially if you use the black swatch.

And when you get past the initial horror over decapitated doll heads, this jewelry set does look kinda adorable.


18. Maxis Match Simple Choker by simplyjustsimsstuff

Maxis Match Simple Choker By Simplyjustsimsstuff For Sims 4

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If decapitated doll heads are a little too goth for your emo tastes, how about a simple black choker?

No frills, no lace, no decorative little charms. Just a straight black band around your Sims’s neck.

Sweet and stylish!


19. Teddy Jacket by jwolfes-sims

Teddy Jacket By Jwolfes-Sims Ts4 Cc

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One defining characteristic of emo fashion is the use of big, oversized, sometimes frumpy clothes. There’s just something about the shapelessness that seems to suit the dark, drab, melancholic aesthetic.

With any other swatch, this Teddy jacket probably doesn’t fit the fashion.

But in black?

Totally fits an emo/punk look book.


20. Emo Hair: Depouffed Vampire Hair by cabsim

Emo Hair: Depouffed Vampire Hair By Cabsim Sims 4 Cc

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If you have The Sims 4: Vampires game pack, then you probably recognize Caleb Vatore’s iconic side-swept ‘do.

And now, thanks to the creator’s description, I see the resemblance between his hair and Pete Wentz’s (from Fall Out Boy).

Ergo, this depouffed hairstyle being titled Emo Hair makes perfect sense to me.

And don’t worry—you don’t need the game pack for this to work, so it’s base-game friendly.


21. Tegan Hair by maplesim

Tegan Hair By Maplesim For Sims 4

Check Out This CC

I think this hairstyle is pretty much the Female frame equivalent of cabsim’s Emo Hair: Depouffed Vampire Hair.

It’s got the shagginess, the chunkiness, the texture, and the side-swept-ness.

It’s just way more stylish, in my opinion. Totally suitable for a subtle emo style.


22. Effy Eyeliner by Karmila66

Effy Eyeliner By Karmila66 Ts4 Cc

Check Out This CC

This gives me heavy smudged-smoky-eye feelings, which is on-brand for this article.

Similar to the runny mascara and the dramatic-eyeliner-plus-black-eyeshadow combo, this is a makeup look that belongs squarely to emo fashion.

It’s dark, it’s bold, and it’s a visual representation of the dark turmoil within your Sims’s soul.


23. Enoby Hair by bloodmooncc

Enoby Hair By Bloodmooncc Sims 4 Cc

Check Out This CC

Don’t get me wrong; the hair is beautiful.

But it’s really the name that sold me.

You had to be there, but basically, this hair is named after an infamous “goff icon,” and it is hilarious that her name will go down in Sims history with that spelling.

If you weren’t around for My Immortal, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

Anyway, just download this hair. I promise, it’s really pretty & totally Maxis Match.


24. Overshirt Hoodie + Plaid Skirt by EvieSAR

Overshirt Hoodie + Plaid Skirt By Eviesar For Sims 4

Check Out This CC

For that “comfortable Vampire” look (credits to YouTuber Safiya Nygaard for that term), try this oversized-hoodie-plus-comfy-skirt combo!

It’s not explicitly labeled as emo, but the black swatches, the graphics, and the shapeless silhouette all speak loud and clear.


25. Piercings Fav Master Collection by Pickypikachu (masterpost by maliamods)

Piercings Fav Master Collection By Pickypikachu (Masterpost By Maliamods) Ts4 Cc

Check Out This CC

Another element of goth (specifically goth-punk subculture) fashion is cold, colorful metal through skin.

While there are many places on the body that your Sim can pierce, I’ll recommend a safe and relatively painless septum ring.

Plus a bonus belly-button piercing, if your Sim feels up for it!

The creator offers several ring styles, so do check ‘em out. I personally like the Teardrop Septum Ring.


26. Lip Piercings by infinityonsims

Lip Piercings By Infinityonsims Sims 4 Cc

Check Out This CC

It kinda feels like a lip piercing is a requirement for emo band members.

Especially drummers (because I know the drummer of My Chemical Romance had a couple).

Let your Sim flash their emo cred with a silver, black, or gold lip ring. It looks excellent when paired with contrasting lipstick.


27. LeahLilith Katuma Clayified by kotcat

Leahlilith Katuma Clayified By Kotcat For Sims 4

Check Out This CC

This hair is perfect for the older spunkier emo-goth with the confidence and the bright attitude.

I really like how it gives off mad chutzpah vibes.

There’s just something about the length, the eye-covering bangs, and the lone clump of hair sticking out. Take it from me; this hairstyle’s got personality.


28. Baggy Pants by pinealexple

Baggy Pants By Pinealexple Ts4 Cc

Check Out This CC

Baggy jeans are comfy and stylish, and no one can tell me otherwise.

When paired with form-fitting crop tops, they’re something a social media influencer would wear.

But when paired with graphic Hot Topic tees, oversized black hoodies, or giant shirts? That’s an emo look.


29. Split Leg Color Emo Punk Skinny Jeans by Rujiyaxx

Split Leg Color Emo Punk Skinny Jeans By Rujiyaxx Sims 4 Cc

Check Out This CC

These Split Leg Color skinny jeans from Rujiyaxx are an interesting blend of emo and punk, and the blend works!

As much as emo fashion shies away from any sort of color that isn’t black or purple, punk is a-okay with brights and neons.

Hence, these pants are perfect.

If you’re going to follow the getup in the previews, might I recommend adding Pickypikachu’s 3D Belly Button ring piercing as an accessory?


30. Erased Hair by simandy

Erased Hair By Simandy For Sims 4

Check Out This CC

I can’t say whether this character really has too many hairstyles, but I can confirm that this is CC emo hair.

Eye-covering bangs? Check.

Shaggy feel? Check.

Pensive, tortured-soul-look on the Sim’s face? Double-check.

Not sure who this guy is, but you can tell he’s been through some things.

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