Sims 4 CC: Best Custom Refrigerators (All Free)

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Refrigerators aren’t exactly what one would call “versatile” pieces.

With Sims 4 CC in particular, custom fridges are usually designed with Kitchen Sets or Living Sets in mind.

I personally have a hard time choosing from the TS4 base game refrigerator options simply because of the design disconnect. The fridges are all pretty standalone, which means their textures, shapes, and color palette options don’t quite match up with the base game kitchen counters, islands, and other appliances.

This is why custom refrigerators are a godsend. The Sims 4 CC community has a treasure trove of unique, quirky, and well-designed custom fridges that look good regardless of their surroundings.

They also have a couple cute themed ones that I think can really brighten up a kitchen.


1. H&B Minichef – Counter Slot Mini Fridge by littledica

H&Amp;B Minichef – Counter Slot Mini Fridge By Littledica Sims 4 Cc
Stats:Food Quality: 3 | Reliability: 3 | +Cooking Skill
Variations:4 colors
Expansions/Packs Needed:The Sims 4 Discover University

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Littledica’s concept here is genius – and definitely one-of-a-kind. It’s the only CC piece I’ve found with this particular design.

And the execution? Flawless.

I have to agree with the creator’s description: the mini-fridges that EA came out with are great and all (and definitely a University staple), so points to them.

However, there’s one design flaw: they still take up the same floor space as a regular refrigerator.

I personally would have liked the option to stack the fridge on top of a dishwasher or a counter or something. Because when you’re living in a dorm with five other roommates, every bit of floor space counts.

If the mini-fridge is going to take up the same 1×1 square as a regular fridge, why not get a regular fridge?

Counter Slot Mini Fridge By Littledica Sims 4 Cc

Littledica’s H&B Minichef – Counter Slot Mini Fridge presents a beautiful solution: mini-fridges that slot into any counter. Like the in-game dishwashers, only this one’s for food.

I tried it with a bunch of different counters, and they all work. No glitches or lags in animation either.

Your Sim interacts with it like they would a regular mini-fridge, and it’s a total space-saver.

Counter Slot Mini Fridge By Littledica Sims 4 Cc

2. Real World Living Series Refrigerators by Shady Sims

Real World Living Series Refrigerators By Shady Sims Ts4 Cc
Stats:Food Quality: 3 | Reliability: 3 | +Cooking Skill
Variations:5 colors
Expansions/Packs Needed:Base Game Compatible

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When I saw the swatches for this custom fridge, it made a lot of sense to me.

Growing up, our fridge was never devoid of artwork, to-do lists, and neon alphabet magnets.

As an adult avid traveler now, I personally still love sticking souvenir magnets and cringe-y polaroids to the front of my fridge. And I think a lot of people can relate.

So these Real World Living Series Refrigerators definitely resonate on a personal level.

They add a touch of lived-in, real-world realism to your game, too.

Colorful magnets and school achievements aside, the inside of the fridge even has brand-name groceries (spot the Vita Coco and the V8 juice)!

If your gameplay is very family/generations based, these fridges make the perfect addition for a warm, close-knit family home.


3. H&B Portal – Expensive Refrigerator by littledica

H&Amp;B Portal – Expensive Refrigerator By Littledica For Sims 4
Stats:Food Quality: 8 | Reliability: 8 | Inspiring Décor: 5 | +Cooking Skill
Variations:2 sizes; 9 colors each
Expansions/Packs Needed:Base Game Compatible

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This refrigerator does nothing but look sleek, state-of-the-art, and be expensive as hell.

And sometimes you want that sort of big Simoleons energy for your Sims.

Hey, no one’s judging. It’s nice to flex on something, and in-game is as safe a place as can be.

If you want your Sim to be the kind that owns all the latest gadgets, gizmos, and – yes – kitchen appliances, then littledica’s stunning H&B Portal – Expensive Refrigerator should definitely go straight into your mods folder.

It looks exactly like those high-end smart refrigerators that can tell you whether you’ve got vegetables in the crisper or if you’re running out of milk. And the custom description sells it pretty well.

H&Amp;B Portal – Expensive Refrigerator By Littledica Sims 4 Cc

This CC piece doesn’t add any sort of unique interactions to the game, but it still looks stunning and fairly spot-on.

It also suits most any modern kitchen style: minimalist, industrial, contemporary, state-of-the-art, etc.

And it comes in two sizes: regular and plus-size.


4. Kitchen Narissa Refrigerator by BuffSumm

Kitchen Narissa Refrigerator By Buffsumm Sims 4 Cc
Stats:Food Quality: 10 | Unbreakable | +Cooking Skill
Variations:7 colors
Expansions/Packs Needed:Base Game Compatible

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Who knew fridges could look like candy-colored smart devices?

Instantly when I saw the swatches, I thought of colorful USB sticks, power banks, and pocket-sized Bluetooth speakers.

All this is to say that I love how these fridges are designed. Sleek, rounded edges, minimal brand placement, and a faux-beveled look at the bottom, where the crisper drawer sits in the frame.

It’s artistic and gorgeous, and the shape of it is very distinct.

Pretty versatile, too.

This is the kind of fridge that suits both a retro-styled kitchen and a modern, state-of-the-art cooking station with all sorts of smart appliances. It’s one of the simpler and non-gimmicky items on this list, but therein lays its charm.


5. Nevera Cleo Recolor by pqSim4

Nevera Cleo Recolor By Pqsim4 For Sims 4
Stats:Food Quality: 10 | Unbreakable | +Cooking Skill
Variations:8 colors/designs
Expansions/Packs Needed:Base Game Compatible (original mesh not required)

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This here’s a recolor (done by pqSim4) of the previous Kitchen Narissa Refrigerator by BuffSumm.

These Nevera Cleo fridges follow the same faux-beveled, rounded-edged shape of the Narissa refrigerators, but they definitely don’t follow the same clean-cut design.

Whereas the Narissa fridges are part of a series meant to accentuate the use of materials like wood, metal, stone, and exposed brick (you can check out the full series via BuffSumm’s description), these Nevera Cleo recolors make use of graphical designs.

Instead of playing up the minimalist design of the refrigerators, it instead complements it with artfully loud and in-your-face illustrations.

From textual, word-based visuals to a beautifully delicate birdcage silhouette, there’s no real rhyme or reason to the graphics.

They’re just there to be bold, eye-catching, and to make a statement. And, trust me; the statement is made.


6. Nature in Fridge by SIMcredible!

Nature In Fridge By Simcredible Ts4 Cc
Stats:Food Quality: 10 | Unbreakable | +Cooking Skill
Variations:3 wood swatches
Expansions/Packs Needed:Base Game Compatible

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I’ll fully admit that I don’t quite understand the name of this particular custom fridge.

Can you plant inside the refrigerator? No. Is it covered in plants? No.

Does it use plants of any kind?

It’s made of what looks to be very smooth – and very expensive – wood. So that could be it.

Regardless, I had to include it on this list. Classy wood texture notwithstanding, I love the design.

The combination of the sharp edges, straight lines, and no-nonsense door window gives it mad premium item vibes.

It’s the kind of fridge that those living in the lap of luxury would have. Definitely looks like it belongs in some sort of big-city penthouse owned by a successful fashion magazine EIC.

It’s also quite large compared to regular base-game refrigerators. Easily towers a good two or three feet over them, but I think that just adds to fridge’s million-dollar energy.


7. Kitchen Industry Fridge by BuffSumm

Kitchen Industry Fridge By Buffsumm For Sims 4
Stats:Food Quality: 10 | Unbreakable | +Cooking Skill
Variations:7 swatches
Expansions/Packs Needed:Base Game Compatible

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Made by the same creator of the cute, smart-device-like Narissa fridges, these Industry Kitchen refrigerators are just as distinct.

They’re massive, two-door appliances that boast smooth lines, clean edges, and tasteful color palettes.

Definitely the very opposite of the Nevera Cleo recolors, and more along the same vein as the Nature in Fridge and H&B Portal refrigerators; tasteful, high-end, and oozing with premium energy.

I will say that the design is one of the more realistic ones given what it’s trying to simulate.

The front even has what looks to be a built-in ice dispenser! Literally so cool.


8. Rustic Refrigerator by Severinka

Rustic Refrigerator By Severinka Sims 4 Cc
Stats:Food Quality: 6 | Reliability: 5 | +Cooking Skill
Variations:2 colors
Expansions/Packs Needed:Base Game Compatible

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Moving away from all the shiny state-of-the-art gadgets, we have this beautiful Rustic Refrigerator by Severinka.

Smart fridges and modern designs are all well and good, but there’s just something about old-timey designs that make you feel warm and cozy.

This CC’s particular design is highly reminiscent of wood cabins, freshly-harvested fruits, and peach preserves.

Seriously, the attention to detail here is off the charts.

Jarred preserves on the top two shelves, and then a proper icebox and crisper behind a simple cabinet-like door.

If country feels and simple woodsy vibes make you soft, this refrigerator belongs in your game. It’s cute, it’s quirky, and it’s so freaking cheery.


9. SMEGlish Mini Fridge by RAVASHEEN

Smeglish Mini Fridge By Ravasheen Ts4 Cc
Stats:Food Quality: 3 | Reliability: 3 | +Cooking Skill
Variations:8 colors
Expansions/Packs Needed:The Sims 4 Discover University

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I know I already included a mini-fridge on this list, and that one pretty much won every award; concept, design, execution, etc.

But! I am a sucker for retro mini-fridges, and that’s exactly what these SMEGlish mini-fridges are: cute, tiny, and boxy-looking appliances that come in a pretty standard – if not slightly muted – array of colors.

The pale green, red, and rusty pink, in particular, do look very vintage.

So I highly recommend those swatches if you’re trying to build towards a particular theme.

The interior is also custom decorated with modest food staples in Simlish packaging.

The creator describes the design as one with “classic, sinuous lines,” and I have to agree.

It’s pretty similar to the Narissa fridges in that there’s this faux-beveled vibe happening between the door and the frame. I like to describe it as “stylishly chunky.”


10. Refrigerators by AdonisPluto

Refrigerators By Adonispluto Sims 4 Cc
Expansions/Packs Needed:Base Game Compatible

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If you feel like treating yourself to a huge bout of nostalgia, check out these beautiful TS3 toTS4 conversions by AdonisPluto.

Listen; as much as I love TS4’s Build & Buy mode (best, most intuitive Build & Buy mode of all the games, I’d say), TS3’s items are just a little more memorable. Iconic.

Never mind that they had the color wheel going for them (so they could come in literally all sorts of colors and textures).

Their shapes, sizes, names, and designs were so distinct.


It’s been years, but I still remember Frosty the Fridge as that refrigerator with the see-through door The Fresher Refrigerator as the “high-tech one.”

AdonisPluto does an excellent job on the conversions, really.

These look like the fridges I remember from The Sims 3, and I had no idea they’d look so good in TS4’s clayified textures.