OSRS: What’s The Best Mithiril Mining Spot? (F2P + P2P)

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Coincidentally, the best mithril ore mining spot for both F2P and P2P players is in the same location: the Mining Guild. This is because the Mining Guild is one of the few that all players can access.

The guild itself is located beneath Falador, and can be accessed via the city itself, or by going through the Dwarven Mines.

Players will need a minimum of level 60 mining to gain access to the Mining Guild, and for actually working on Mithiril rocks, you’ll need to have at least a level 55 mining skill.


F2P vs. P2P Mithiril Mining Differences

F2P players will have access to a total of 6 Mithiril Rocks within the guild. The guild is rather limited in F2P, but it provides the easiest access to Mithiril rocks in OSRS for F2P players.

I highly recommend using a Rune Pickaxe to get ores quickly here.

But P2P players will gain an invisible +7 boost to their mining skill when inside the guild, meaning they’ll mine ores quite a bit faster!

And P2P members also have access to a member’s-only section of the guild, which has a total of 10 Mithiril rocks available. This is almost double the amount of the F2P area.

But all the rocks is in this area (including Mithiril) have a quicker respawn timer. More specifically, it’s twice as fast as regular rocks that you’d mine elsewhere.

So this means you’ll spend less time waiting, and more time mining!

All players will also have access to a bank booth located inside the guild, which makes banking your ores very quick and easy.

And lastly, while P2P members are in the guild, you have a chance to obtain unidentified minerals. These can be used to buy the coveted Mining Gloves, which provide some pretty useful effects!

Mithiril Rocks specifically have a 1/40 chance (or 2.5%) of randomly giving you unidentified minerals.

Just one more reason to do all your mining right here!

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