OSRS: How To Get Ring of Wealth on Ironman

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Since nothing in the game drops a ring of wealth, you have to make one yourself as an ironman by enchanting a Dragonstone ring at level 68 Magic.

You can either craft your own Dragonstone ring at level 55 crafting, or get one from an Elite clue scroll casket, a Shades of Mort’ton chest, or as a drop from the Slayer-only creatures: the Thermonuclear smoke devil or the Kraken.


Crafting A Dragonstone Ring

At level 55 Crafting, you can craft a Dragonstone ring at a furnace with a gold bar, a cut dragonstone, and a ring mould.

A Gold Bar, Cut Dragonstone, And A Ring Mould In Front Of The Furnace In Falador / Osrs

Above: A gold bar, cut dragonstone, and a ring mould in front of the furnace in Falador

An uncut dragonstone is a guaranteed drop (among other loot) when opening a Crystal chest in Taverley with a Crystal key (made by combining a Loop half key and a Tooth half key).

So this is one easy way to get dragonstone for your ring.

The Crystal Chest In Taverley With A Crystal Key On The Floor In Front Of It / Osrs

In terms of monster drops, uncut dragonstones are mostly dropped by monsters in the wilderness, such as the Revenants and three of the four wilderness bosses (Callisto, Venenatis, and Vet’ion).

The Revenant Cave In The Wilderness / Osrs

And at the Motherlode Mine, you can exchange 40 golden nuggets for a “Bag full of gems” at Prospector Percy’s Nugget Shop.

The bag contains a mix of 40 noted uncut gems.

The chances of getting an uncut dragonstone is 40 x 1/161.3.

You can also get a Bag full of gems by trading in 20 unidentified minerals at Belona’s Mining Guild Mineral Exchange. The bag can also be bought for 300 stardust at Dusuri’s Star Shop.

Prospector Percy At The Motherlode Mine / Osrs

Dragonstone Ring Drops

If you have the magic level to enchant a dragonstone ring, but not the crafting level to craft one, then you have to acquire it as a loot drop or from a chest or casket.

One option is as a reward from an Elite Clue Scroll casket.

You have a 1/32.3 chance of getting an uncut dragonstone as a reward from this.

You also have around a 1/48 chance of getting a dragonstone ring from the gold chests in the Shades of Mort’ton Minigame (red, brown, crimson, black, or purple).

Shades Of Mort'ton Minigame / Osrs

At level 87 Slayer (and if Krakens are your slayer task), you can kill the Kraken for a 1/128 chance of getting a dragonstone ring.

The Kraken In The Kraken Cove / Osrs

And lastly, at level 93 slayer (and if Smoke devils are your slayer task), you can kill the Thermonuclear smoke devil for a 1/107 chance of getting a dragonstone ring.

The Thermonuclear Smoke Devil In The Smoke Dungeon South Of Castle Wars / Osrs

Enchanting A Dragonstone Ring

Once you have a dragonstone ring, you must cast the Lvl-5 Enchant spell on it.

This spell requires 68 Magic, 15 earth runes, 15 water runes, and 1 cosmic rune.

Once this is done you’ll have your Ring of Wealth.

Player Casting The Lvl-5 Enchant Spell / Osrs


From April 20th, 2004 to February 9th 2017, the ring of wealth was always a golden yellow color, despite the number of charges it had.

But since February 9th, 2017, it now has a much darker yellow color when uncharged, making it easier for you to quickly see whether you need to go on a ring-charging journey.

Below: uncharged ring of wealth (left) next to a charged ring of wealth (right)

Uncharged Ring Of Wealth (Left) Next To A Charged Ring Of Wealth (Right) / Osrs

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