How To Get The Sanuwa Mount in FFXIV

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The Sanuwa Mount can be obtained for 200,000 Gil from the NPC vendor Luna Vanu (The Sea of Clouds – Ok’ Gundu Nakki, X:7 Y:14). Luna Vanu is a member of the Vanu Vanu Beast Tribe in Heavensward.

The Horn itself will only be available from this Vendor once you’ve reached Rank 7 (Sworn) with the Vanu Vanu.

Thankfully, building reputation with the Vanu Vanu is a pretty simple process.

You’ll be able to begin your friendship with them after defeating the monstrous Primal Bismarck.


Friendship is For The Birds

The Vanu Primal Bismarck, Summoned Out Of Fear Due To The Garlean Incursion / Ffxiv
The Vanu Primal Bismarck, summoned out of fear due to the Garlean incursion

The Quest “Bolt, Chain, and Island” is a Level 57 Quest, and part of the Heavensward Expansion.

You’ll consult once again with Garlond Ironworks to cobble together a method of combating the massive Primal.

Once you’ve harpooned this unsettling whale in The Limitless Blue, you can accept “A Difference of Opinion”. This causes the Garleans to retreat from the Sea of Clouds in search of Azys Lla.

With those out of the way, grab “Three Beaks to the Wind” from Sonu Vanu (The Sea of Clouds – Ok’ Zundu, X:12 Y:14).

Linu Vali Of The Gundu In Ok’ Gundu Nakki / Final Fantasy Xiv
Linu Vali of the Gundu in Ok’ Gundu Nakki

Once you’ve surveyed Ok’ Vundu Mak, you approach Linu Vali to protect them from hostile Vundu. After protecting her from the threat, she explains her desire for her Tribe’s independence.

A short conversation later and you’ll be riding your future Sanuwa to clear Midge clouds.

Once that’s done, the Gundu will settle in the western Blue Window and become available as a Beast Tribe.


Vanu Vanu Reputation & Rewards

Your Rank with the Vanu Vanu begins at Rank 1 (Neutral).

You’ll have three Daily Quests available, with each awarding 50 Reputation.

It’ll take you 12 days in total to achieve Rank 7 (Sworn), assuming you do these 3 quests each time they’re available.

The Daily Quests themselves vary a lot, from riding a Sanuwa and clearing pesky swarms, to obtaining food for the Tribe. Although they offer decent experience from levels 51-60, in addition to Gil, Poetic Tomestones, and Vanu Whitebones.

Vanu Whitebones are the Tribe’s currency, which you can use to purchase a myriad of items from Luna Vanu.

As your Rank changes, what they offer also changes:

ItemReputationCost (Whitebones)
Birch BranchRecognized1
Birch SapFriendly1
Vanu Vanu HeadBloodsworn9
Vanu Vanu BodyBloodsworn9
Vanu Vanu ArmsBloodsworn4
Vanu Vanu WaistBloodsworn4
Vanu Vanu LegsBloodsworn4
Zundu HeadAllied9
Zundu BodyAllied9
Zundu ArmsAllied4
Zundu WaistAllied4
Zundu LegsAllied4
Coming Home OrchestrionFriendly3
The Zundu Outfit Makes The Moonlift Dance That Much More Effective / Ffxiv
The Zundu outfit makes the moonlift Dance that much more effective

Luna Vali also has a separate shop though. It uses Gil instead of Whitebones.

That inventory is:

ItemReputationCost (Gil)
Cold Knight’s CookfireFriendly9,772g
Shaded VisorTrusted7,955g
Wind-up Gundu WarriorTrusted30,000g
Wind-up Zundu WarriorSworn30,000g
Sanuwa HornSworn200,000g
Vanu Vanu HeadBloodsworn40,000g
Vanu Vanu BodyBloodsworn130,000g
Vanu Vanu ArmsBloodsworn30,000g
Vanu Vanu WaistBloodsworn70,000g
Vanu Vanu LegsBloodsworn30,000g
Zundu HeadAllied40,000g
Zundu BodyAllied130,000g
Zundu ArmsAllied30,000g
Zundu WaistAllied130,000g
Zundu LegsAllied30,000g

The Reputation grind for the Vanu Vanu is one of the shorter ones in Heavensward.

Keep knocking out those daily quests and you’ll have your Sanuwa Mount in no time.

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