How To Get The Poro Roggo Minion in FFXIV

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The Poro Roggo Minion can be acquired from the Heavensward Quest “The Word of the Mother”. This Quest is part of the Main Scenario, added in Patch 3.2.

So as you play through the game, you’ll obtain the Minion without fail.

During the Dragonsong War, you’ll be tasked with studying the Aetherial Sea once Minfilia vanishes. Luckily the Sharleans built a place for this specific purpose, its custodian being none other than Matoya.

Once you meet with Matoya, she’ll send you into the Level 60 Dungeon “The Antitower”. Completing that Dungeon will reward you with your Poro Roggo Minion.

No need to win a Loot Roll, unless you’re also after the Calca or Brina Minions. Those drop in the Dungeon as well, so keep your eyes peeled.


Bringing Down The Antitower

Preparing To Enter The Antitower Proper On The Edge Of The Aetherial Sea / Ffxiv
Preparing to enter The Antitower proper on the edge of the Aetherial Sea

As with most Dungeons, it never hurts to be prepared.

Aside from the usual monsters, you’ll be facing three bosses with some new mechanics.

Here’s a breakdown of them and their attacks:


Zuro Roggo

  • Choir Toad – Zoro Roggo will spawn two Adds, and inflict two people with the Toad status. You must defeat the Adds to remove the debuff, especially if it’s a Healer.
  • Toy Hammer – A Tank Buster which also causes damage over time. The Concussion debuff can be dispelled with Esuna.
  • Water Bomb – A circular AOE taht must be dodged. Sometimes cast along with Choir Toad.
Ziggy And His Stardust Block Your Path Into The Depths Of The Antitower / Ffxiv
Ziggy and his Stardust block your path into the depths of the Antitower


  • Stardust – Ziggy will spawn 3 Stardust Adds. Their AOE will expand until they are destroyed, and should be prioritized or they’ll overlap and explode.
  • Beam – Ziggy will tether to a random Player, noted by the phrase “Ziggy takes careful aim.” The Player must hide behind one of the defeated Stardust Adds to avoid damage.
  • Spriggan Gemcutter – Adds that Ziggy will spawn in the form of additional Spriggans. Should be defeated as soon as possible.
  • Jittering Glare – A frontal cone AOE.
  • Gyrating Glare – A platform-wide AOE that causes significant damage. Can be avoided by hiding behind a Stardust Add.
The Imposing Calcabrina Is Your Final Hurdle To Claim The Poro Roggo / Ffxiv
The imposing Calcabrina is your final hurdle to claim the Poro Roggo


  • Calcabrina begins the fight as six smaller dolls. These will do various AOE patterns until defeated. Once dead they’ll combine into the boss proper.
  • Dollhouse – Transforms two random Players into either a calca or a Brina. You must destroy the Dolls to free the Players, who will be shooting lasers.
  • Slapstick – A repeating AOE that Calcabrina will cast during Dollhouse. Will continue until all Players are free.
  • Knockout – A Massive Tank Buster, mitigate and heal as necessary.
  • Terrifying Glance – Will target a Player with a red eye icon above them. To avoid damage and the Confusion debuff, look away from Calcabrina.

And with all of this out of the way, there you have it. You’ve conquered the Antitower.

Upon returning to Matoya, you’ll be rewarded with your Poro Roggo Minion.

Hopefully the memories of a gargantuan creepy doll don’t haunt you every time you summon it.

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