How To Get The Direwolf Mount in FFXIV

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The Direwolf Mount in FFXIV is purchased for 120,000 Gil from the Ixali Beast Tribe Vendor. It will only be available after achieving Rank 7 (Sworn).

From there, all you’ll need to do is use the Direwolf Whistle from your inventory.

The real challenge here is that Rank 7 can take a bit to get to.

It takes roughly 37 straight days of Quests to accumulate enough Reputation.

This assumes you’re doing the highest level Quests available to you. You can slightly shorten your grind should you use more Allowances per day. You get a total of 12, which reset along with Roulettes.

The other caveat here is that the Ixali are a Crafting and Gathering Beast Tribe.

So this means you’ll need the necessary Disciples of Hand or Land. And there’s still a combat component as well, so you’ll need to be at least Level 41.

In addition to needing the Crafters, you’ll also need special equipment and facilities.

The Ehcatl Wristgloves are given to you during the relevant Beast Tribe Quests. Should you misplace them, they can also be purchased from the Ixali Vendor (North Shroud – Ehcatl, X:25 Y:23) for a mere 145 Gil.

Utilizing The Ehcatl Wristgloves And Specialist Station In Fallgourd Float / Ffxiv
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The good news is that your Daily Craft Quests don’t require much effort.

You can start these at Level 1 of any DoH, and they provide a massive amount of Experience – that is, until Level 50 when it drops off considerably.

Each Quest will reward you with Elemental Shards in addition to Ixali Oaknots or Ventures.

Shards are always handy.

Oaknots are a special currency of the Ixali, but more on that later.


A Bad Bladder From The Adders

Serpent Lieutenant Scarlet Guarding The Adders Nest / Ffxiv
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First and foremost, you’ll need to unlock relations with the skygazing Ixal.

After completion of the Level 41 Main Scenario Quest “In Pursuit of the Past” you’ll have the opportunity.

Head over to Serpent Lieutenant Scarlet (New Gridania – Adders Nest, X:10 Y:11).

She’ll tell you of a failed attack by an Ixal “War Balloon”.

Accept the Quest “A Bad Bladder” and be on your way to North Shroud to turn away the impending attack.

Investigate the crash site of the “War Balloon” and report your findings to Captain Guithrit (North Shroud – E-Tatt’s Spire, X:28 Y:25). He’ll send you to check the crash site once again, where you’ll retrieve a component of the vessel.

One final trip to the crash site and you’ll encounter the Ixal.

This will lead you to their village, and to chat with Chief Totoloc and Sezul. With that, you’re ready to begin the daily grind for your new flightless friends.


Ground And Found

The Ixali Vendor Of Ehcatl / Ffxiv
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As you tinker away to earn the trust of your new Ixal pals, you’ll accrue daily rewards. Namely Ventures and the aforementioned Ixali Oaknots.

Ventures are used to pay your Retainers, and Oaknots are used to purchase special items from the Ixali.

The Ixali are also the only place in the game where you can purchase black and white dye.

So here’s a quick list of everything their Vendor has to offer:

Echatl Wristgloves145 GilNeutral
Maple Lumber9 GilNeutral
Ash lumber43 GilNeutral
Elm Lumber78 GilNeutral
Yew Lumber108 GilNeutral
Maple Branch6 GilNeutral
Ash Branch33 GilNeutral
Yew Branch60 GilNeutral
Walnut Lumber219 GilFriendly
Oak Lumber470 GilFriendly
Oak Branch238 GilFriendly
Dyes (varied)216 GilFriendly, Respected
Glamour Dispeller500 GilSworn
Wind-up Ixal25,000 GilSworn
Direwolf Whistle120,000 GilSworn
Ixali Shelter26,136 GilSworn
Ixali Banner21,780 GilSworn
Wind-up Dezul Qualan25,000 GilAllied

That’s where you’ll find your Direwolf Whistle, in addition to several low level crafting materials.

Those materials come in handy while working on your early Crafting Log. No one wants to chop trees every time they need a piece of lumber.

And here’s what’s purchasable with Ixali Oaknots:

ItemCost (Oaknot)ItemCost (Oaknot)
Canard Breast1Dalamud Popoto1
Royal Kukuru Bean1Star Anise1
Cooking Sherry1Scheelite7
Peacock Ore (2)1Aqueous Whetstone (2)1
Emery7Minium (2)1
Petrified Log7Cashmere Fleece7
Saurian Skin7Xelphatol Spring Water4
Filtered Water (20)1Potash (2)1
Lime Sulphur (2)1Voidsent Blood (20)1
Quick-hardening Sealant3Tawny Latex2
Animal Fat (2)1Hardened Sap (2)1
Coke (2)1Raziqsand7
Grade I-III Gathering Materia (5, 3, 1)1GradeI-III Crafting Materia (5, 3, 1)1

The Materia can come in handy for Overmelding, should you need it.

Other than that, you’re just a couple weeks away from your Direwolf.

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