How To Get The Albino Kararkul Horn & Mount (FFXIV)

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The Albino Karakul Mount is purchased for 8,400 Skybuilders’ Scrips. The NPC Enie (The Firmament – Mendicant’s Court, X:12 Y:14) is the resident Vendor of The Firmament, and offers it for sale.

Skybuilders’ Scrips are rewarded for:

  • Expert Collectible Crafts
  • Diadem Gathering Appraisals
  • And Skyrise Celebration Fêtes

These activities are exclusive to Crafting and Gathering.

But they’re available to you at Level 20, and offer huge amounts of Experience. This means you’ll be able to grind up all your Disciples of the Hand and Land while working towards your Albino Karakul.

The Firmament is the result of a series of Crafting Events designed to rebuild the destroyed residences in Ishgard. It took place in four phases during the Shadowbringers Expansion.

In order to get the Skybuilders’ Scrips required for your Mount, you’re in for quite a bit of work.


Building a Skyscrip

Disciples Of The Hand Hard At Work Creating Mendicant Supplies / Ffxiv
Disciples of the Hand hard at work creating Mendicant Supplies

Crafters will need to turn in specific items with a base Collectibility in order to receive rewards. Each Crafter under Special Recipes will have a subset called “Ishgard Restoration”.

“Restoration (4)” is the specific set of items you’ll need to create, as the others were for previous phases.

You’ll have six recipes here for each Crafter, at Levels 20, 40, 60, 70, 80, and 4-star 80.

The final Recipe, which also offers the most rewards, is what’s known as an Expert Recipe.

Expert Recipes are unique in that they have steep Collectibility requirements and unique Crafting mechanics.

Instead of Excellent and Poor conditions, they’re replaced by these possible five:

  • Centered – Increases Action success rate by 25%.
  • Sturdy – Reduces Durability Loss by 50%, and stack with Actions such as “Waste Not”.
  • Pliant – Reduces the CP Cost of an Ability by 50%.
  • Malleable – Increases Actions that affect Progress by 150%. This Effect also acts multiplicatively, so use with caution.
  • Primed – The next Action you use that causes a special Status, like “Innovation”, will last an additional two Steps.

Your goal is to use these Special Conditions to achieve the highest possible Collectability Rating. Doing so increases your rewards massively.

The rewards for an Expert Craft are:

CollectabilitySkybuilders’ Scrips
1,100 – 1,19966 Scrips
1,200 – 1,39972 Scrips
1,400 +80 Scrips

The other Crafts of a lower difficulty and Level also offer varying amounts of Experience and Scrips.

In some cases it’s actually easier to just mass-produce them since they require less work.

LevelCollectabilitySkybuilders’ Scrips
2050 – 1053 – 5 Scrips
4090 – 3007 – 9 Scrips
60260 – 58011 – 15 Scrips
70380 – 90018 – 22 Scrips
80500 – 1,00031 – 63 Scrips

Every Ishgard Restoration Collectible uses special Materials you can’t find outside of The Diadem.

This means that in order to start Crafting, you’ll need to put on your Gathering cap as well. Or purchase them from a Marketboard, though that can be a bit of a Gil sink.

Gathering Skybuilders’ Materials In The Diadem / Ffxiv
Gathering Skybuilders’ Materials in the Diadem

Gathering in the Diadem is a bit more straightforward than Expert Crafting.

You’ll fly around the Zone from Node to Node, trying to maximize the amount you gather.

All turn-ins for Gathering take place at Flotpassant (The Firmament – Mendicant’s Court, X:11 Y:14). The key here is that he’ll only accept resources in stacks of five.

The rewards are:

Item LevelSkybuilders’ Scrips
201 Scrip
602 Scrips
803 Scrips
80 Umbral5 Scrips

After Appraising these Items, they’ll be converted to Materials you can then use for Crafts. It’s a great way to level and get to your Albino Karakul that much faster.

Note: Fishing actually rewards a different amount depending on the type of Fish you catch. It also gives Scrips for each Fish instead of in stacks of five. The Fish after Appraisal can then be Desynthesized into Crafting Materials.

Item LevelSkybuilders’ Scrips
102 – 4 Scrips
604 – 10 Scrips
803 – 124 Scrips
80 Umbral45 – 153 Scrips

The Umbral and Artisanal Gathering items can only be acquired during certain weather in The Diadem.

These occur every 20 minutes, and maximizing your haul from the special Nodes is optimal.


Other Scrip Rewards

A Stylish Parasol Is A Must For Inclement Weather / Ffxiv
A stylish Parasol is a must for inclement weather

There’s a plethora of rewards to be had for Skybuilders’ Scrips.

Even after you’ve acquired your Albino Karakul, it may be worth Leveling alternate Jobs for other prizes.

Here’s a complete list, in case you need a little motivation to dust off your hammer and chisel:



Albino Karakul Horn8,400 Scrips
Ufiti Horn8,400 Scrips
Megalotragus Horn8,400 Scrips
Big Shell Whistle8,400 Scrips
Antelope Doe Horn8,400 Scrips
Pegasus Whistle4,200 Scrips


The Winsome Wallflower1,800 Scrips
Intelligent Impressions1,800 Scrips
Emphatic Elucidations1,800 Scrips
Uncouth Congratulations1,800 Scrips
Concealing Meals1,800 Scrips
Next, Godliness1,800 Scrips
Well Bread1,800 Scrips


Modern Legend1,800 Scrips
Controlled Chaos1,800 Scrips
Saintly Style1,800 Scrips


Dress-up Esitinien1,200 Scrips
Miniature White Knight1,200 Scrips
Cerberpup1,200 Scrips
Paissa Brat800 Scrips
Hunting Hawk800 Scrips
Baby Brachiosaur800 Scrips
Pegasus Colt800 Scrips
The Certainly Not Extinct Baby Brachiosaur Minion / Ffxiv
The certainly not extinct Baby Brachiosaur Minion

Orchestrion Rolls

Safety in Numbers1,200 Scrips
The Mendicant’s Relish1,200 Scrips
The Heavens’ Ward1,200 Scrips
Hearthward1,200 Scrips
What is Love?1,200 Scrips
Skyrise1,200 Scrips
Jewel600 Scrips
Paradise Found600 Scrips
Fealty600 Scrips
Stone and Steel600 Scrips
Order Yet Undeciphered600 Scrips
Freefall600 Scrips

Miscellaneous & Glamour

Machinist’s Chocobo Barding1,200 Scrips
Parasol1,800 Scrips
Cheerful Checkered Parasol1,800 Scrips
Pastoral Dot Parasol1,800 Scrips
Sky Blue Parasol900 Scrips
Calming Checkered Parasol900 Scrips
Lizbeth Triple Triad Card500 Scrips
Ehll Tou Triple Triad Card500 Scrips

There’s even another category containing Grade VII & VIII Materia, Furnishings, and special Dyes.

Many of these items aren’t found anywhere else!

So your Albino Karakul Mount is a worthy pursuit, as are the many other rewards available.

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