How To Get Metal Coats in Pokémon HG/SS

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If you’re hunting for a Metal Coat, you have a few options, depending on how far through the game you are.

You can:

  • Purchase them for 2,500 points at the Pokéathlon Dome on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (Repeatable)
  • Steal them from wild Magnemite and other Steel-type Pokémon (Repeatable)
  • Receive one as a reward after the S.S. Aqua story-mode task (Once only)
  • Get one as a held item from a traded Magneton at the Kanto Power Plant (Once only)

You’ll need Metal Coats to evolve both Onix into Steelix and Scyther into Scizor.

Giving a Pokémon one to hold will also increase the damage of their Steel-type moves.

This guide will show you exactly how to acquire each Metal Coat, so that you have enough for all your needs.


Method 1: Buying Metal Coats At The Pokéathlon Dome

The earliest Metal Coat available in the game is on sale at the Pokéathlon Dome, but you’ll have to do the following things first:

  • Defeat Gym Leader Whitney in Goldenrod City and earn your 3rd badge
  • Earn 2,500 Pokéathlon points by completing events minigames

The Pokéathlon Dome can be found at the top of Route 35, through this building.

The Entrance To The Pokéathlon Dome Area / Pokemon Hgss
The entrance to the Pokéathlon Dome area

Once inside, go through the door on the far left. Follow the path up to the Pokéathlon Dome.

Here, you can complete events with your Pokémon to raise 2,500 points.

The quickest earning event will depend on your Pokémon, skills, and specific preferences. We advise trying them all to find your favorite.

Once you’ve earned 2,500, come back on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Go the counter in the top right corner called the Athlete Shop. You’ll find Metal Coats on sale here.

The Athlete Shop In The Top Right Corner Of The Pokéathlon Dome / Pokemon Hgss
The Athlete Shop in the top right corner of the Pokéathlon Dome

While some items on sale at the Athlete Shop require the National Pokédex to be unlocked first, the Metal Coat is not one of them.

There’s no limit to the number of Metal Coats you can earn this way.


Method 2: Metal Coats Held By Wild Pokémon

If Pokéathlon events aren’t your thing, your next opportunity to get a Metal Coat is to find one as a held item from wild Pokémon. There are a number of wild Pokémon that might be holding a Metal Coat, but your earliest choice would be wild Magnemite on Route 38.

You’ll have to get your 4th badge by beating Gym Leader Morty in Ecruteak City first. After that, you can access the route through the city’s west exit.

The wild Magnemites in the grass here and in neighboring Route 39 have a 5% chance of holding a Metal Coat. They make up 20% of tall grass Pokémon encounters.

You can farm this item infinitely by catching them, or by using the move Thief to steal their held item.

If you have a Pokémon with Thief or have already collected TM 46 from the bottom floor of Team Rocket HQ in Mahogany Town, this will probably be quicker than catching tons of Magnemite.

Using Thief To Attempt To Steal A Metal Coat From A Wild Magnemite / Pokemon Hgss
Using Thief to attempt to steal a Metal Coat from a wild Magnemite

There are several other wild Pokémon in HG/SS who hold Metal Coats too. These include:

  • Other Magnemite on Route 11, Route 6, and the Safari Zone
  • Magneton in Cerulean Cave and the Safari Zone
  • Steelix in Cliff Cave and Mt. Silver
  • Beldum in the Safari Zone
  • Metang in the Safari Zone
  • Bronzor in the Safari Zone, or while playing the Sinnoh Sound Radio Station in Dark Cave, Slowpoke Well, Union Cave, the Whirl Islands, Mt. Mortar, Ice Path, Cliff Cave, Victory Road, Tohjo Falls, Mt. Moon, Diglett’s Cave, Rock Tunnel, Cerulean Cave, Rock Tunnel, and the Seafoam Islands

It’s probably worth just sticking to Magnemite though.

They appear most commonly in the wild and are the easiest to catch/defeat.

Plus the 5% chance of holding a Metal Coat is the same for each Pokémon, so there’s no point making your life harder unnecessarily.


Method 3: S.S. Aqua (One-Time Event)

The first fixed Metal Coat location is available as soon as you beat Lance, champion of the Pokémon League.

Once your game has restarted after beating the E4, you’ll find yourself back in New Bark Town.

Your mother will tell you to visit Professor Elm next door. He will give you an S.S. Ticket and tell you to head to Kanto.

Professor Elm Giving The S.s. Ticket To The Player / Pokemon Hgss
Professor Elm giving the S.S. Ticket to the player

Now fly to Olivine City.

The S.S. Aqua is a steamboat docked here, through the blue building just below and slightly to the right of the Pokémon Center.

The Entrance To The S.s. Aqua In Olivine City / Pokemon Hgss
The entrance to the S.S. Aqua in Olivine City

Enter the building and speak to the attendant, who will allow you through. Then follow the path to the right and board the ship.

Inside you’ll be approached by a frantic man whose granddaughter has disappeared.

Your reward for finding her will be a Metal Coat.

Start by walking immediately north and going down the stairs. Now, go south as far as you can, then turn right and speak to the sailor blocking your path.

He will ask you to find his replacement, who is late.

The Sailor Who Gives You Your Next Part Of The Task / Pokemon Hgss
The sailor who gives you your next part of the task

Head back up the way you just came.

The sleeping sailor is in the room immediately to the right of where you first entered the ship.

The Room Containing The Missing Sailor / Pokemon Hgss
The room containing the missing sailor

Press A to wake him and prepare to battle.

After you’ve won, he’ll run off to resume his position. If your Pokémon need healing, your room is next door and contains a bed and a PC.

Now head back to where the sailor was just blocking your path. He will now allow you through.

Climb the ladder just to the north, then enter the door to the south.

The Door To Enter After Climbing The Ladder / Pokemon Hgss
The door to enter after climbing the ladder

Inside, you’ll find the missing granddaughter.

She will challenge you to a game of hide-and-seek and disappear again.

The Missing Granddaughter / Pokemon Hgss
The missing granddaughter

Don’t worry, she’s easy to find.

Just retrace your steps back past the sailor who was once blocking your way.

Carry on left past him instead of going up to climb the stairs like you did before.

Just go as far left as you can.

You’ll find the granddaughter past the room with all the beds.

The Granddaughter's Hiding Place / Pokemon Hgss
The granddaughter’s hiding place

Upon speaking to her, you will both be transported back to her room.

Her grandfather will thank you for finding her with a gift: one Metal Coat.

The Metal Coat Reward / Pokemon Hgss
The Metal Coat reward

Method 4: Kanto Power Plant (One-Time Event)

This next location is a little further along in the game.

You’ll need to gain access to the Kanto region by beating Lance and completing the S.S. Aqua task above.

You’ll also need a Dugtrio, since this Metal Coat is held by a Pokémon you’ll receive in a trade.

Dugtrio can be caught in Diglett’s Cave, although you’ll need to complete the side quest in Lavender Town to wake Snorlax with the Pokéflute Radio Channel first.

Alternatively, you could raise a Diglett to level 26 and evolve it.

Diglett can be found in the following locations:

  • Route 48
  • The Safari Zone
  • Inside smashable rocks in Vermillion City

Once you have your Dugtrio, fly to Cerulean City and exit the city through the east path to Route 9.

The Way To Route 9 / Pokemon Hgss
The way to Route 9

Follow Route 9 all the way to the right until you reach this location with surfable water.

If you didn’t bring a Pokémon with surf along, there’s a Pokémon Center just a few steps south.

The End Of Route 9 / Pokemon Hgss
The end of Route 9

Walk down the steps and surf on the water, following the river south into Route 10.

Soon you’ll reach the Kanto Power Plant.

Kanto Power Plant (Exterior) / Pokemon Hgss
Kanto Power Plant (exterior)

Go inside and look towards the back of the room.

You’ll find a scientist looking to trade his Magneton for a Dugtrio.

The Scientist Inside The Kanto Power Plant / Pokemon Hgss
The scientist inside the Kanto Power Plant

The Magneton will be the same level as the Dugtrio you traded it for, with a Metal Coat as its held item.

Your Brand New Magneton Named Maggie / Pokemon Hgss
Your brand new Magneton named Maggie

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