How Do You Get The Zu Mount in FFXIV?

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The Zu Mount is acquired by trading an Iron Voyage Spoil with the Spoils Collector NPC. There are currently five locations for this particular Trader:

  • Foundation – The Pillars – Airship Landing, X:15 Y:11
  • The Lavender Beds – Senna’s Pride, X:7 Y:3
  • The Goblet – Goblet Exchange Subdivision, X: 1 Y:2
  • The Mist – Mist Beach Subdivision, X:1 Y:3
  • Shirogane – Akanegumo Bridge, X:9 Y:13

Any location works (provided you have the Token) since they share inventories.

Getting the Iron Voyage Spoil token itself is actually what will require a bit of effort.

Iron Voyage Spoils are only obtained one way: Free Company Airship Voyages. Voyages to Sea of Clouds – Sector 24, to be precise.

Further still, the Iron Voyage Spoil is not a guaranteed reward from the Voyage. Sector 24 can drop all of the following:

Cassia Log1 – 24
Dark Chestnut Branch20 – 27
Deep-green Cluster1 – 20
Minium10 – 14
Savage Aim Materia III, IV, or V21 – 29, 6, 1
Quickarm Materia III, IV, or V26 – 36, 13 – 26, 3
Iron Voyage Spoil1
Cloudsbreath Seeds1

Suffice to say, prepare to end up with massive piles of Minium.

And it can take a while to get your Iron Voyage Spoil, since it is among the rarest rewards.


Plotting A Voyage To The Zu

Flying To The Sea Of Clouds In Search Of Spoils / Ffxiv
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The first step towards your elusive Zu actually has nothing to do with birds.

You’ll need a Free Company with access to Housing and a Workshop.

From there, you must purchase a Flight Credit from the Resident Caretaker of your Housing District.

They cost 10,000 FC Credits, and are available in the following locations:

  • The Lavender Beds – Lavender Beds, X:12 Y:8
  • The Goblet – The Goblet, X:13 Y:11
  • The Mists – Mist, X:11 Y:11
  • Shirogane – Shirogane Shores, X:10 Y:14
  • Empyreum – Ingleside, X:3 Y:4

These Flight Credits allow you to register a ship.

But before that, you’ll actually need to have an Airship to register.

Airships require four basic components:

  • Hull
  • Rigging
  • Forecastle
  • Aftcastle

The only way to acquire these components is Crafting them in your FC’s Workshop.

Finishing Contributions For A Free Company Workshop Craft / Ffxiv
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Each component of your Airship is crafted in three phases.

And each phase requires a varying amount of materials.

In addition, you’ll need to meet the level requirements to contribute to the Workshop.

The four base components and their materials are:


Bronco-type Hull

Phase 1:

2118Yew Lumber
3918Mahogany Lumber
1618Iron Nails
4218Cobalt Ingot

Phase 2:

5018Spruce Lumber
318Bronze Rivets
3218Mythril Plate
4218Electrum Ingot

Phase 3:

4318Cobalt Rivets
5018Darksteel Plate
3318Boar Leather
4218Linen Canvas
3018Horn Glue

Bronco-type Sail

Phase 1:

4521Rosewood Lumber
5021Darksteel Nugget
1621Iron Nails
1421Iron Rivets

Phase 2:

1621Iron Ingot
1621Iron Rivets
2621Steel Ingot
2721Steel Rivets

Phase 3:

506Darksteel Ingot
2712Steel Rivets
506Saurian Leather
506Hard Hippogryph Leather
3612Linen Canvas
506Vanya Silk
The Process Of Progressing Development On A Workshop Craft / Ffxiv
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Bronco-type Forecastle

Phase 1:

2624Steel Ingot
2924Steel Rivets
4424Cobalt Joint Plate
4224Cobalt Ingot

Phase 2:

1624Iron Rivets
2624Steel Ingot
2724Steel Joint Plate
506Darksteel Ingot

Phase 3:

3630Mythril Rivets
506Darksteel Plate
2330Silver Ingot

Bronco-type Aftcastle

Phase 1:

2924Steel Rivets
4224Cobalt Ingot
2624Steel Ingot
4424Cobalt Joint Plate

Phase 2:

2630Steel Ingot
506Darksteel Ingot
1430Iron Rivets
2730Steel Joint Plate

Phase 3:

3930Mythril Rivets
5012Darksteel Plate
2330Silver Ingot

It is possible to make different types of “Progress” while Workshop Crafting.

Good and Excellent reduce the number of Materials required for the next phase. Nothing here is particularly hard to come by though, so don’t stress.

Once you’ve assembled your Airship pieces, you’re all set to register it and begin Voyages.


Sector 24 And More In The Sea Of Clouds

Plotting The Voyage Course For Your Fc Airship / Ffxiv
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All Airships start at Rank one.

You’ll need to send them on various Voyages and gain experience to venture further.

Sector 24 is the last in a long list of possible destinations. And these are all unlocked through previous Sectors.

Here’s a handy chart showing you what unlocks what, and the Ranks they require:

011Sector 03
021Sector 04, Sector 05
0510Sector 06, Sector 07
0614Sector 11
0717Sector 08, Sector 10
0820Sector 09, FC Airship #2
1027Sector 12
1130Sector 13, Sector 14
1234Sector 16
1337Sector 15
1440FC Airship #3
1544Sector 19
1647Sector 17
1750Sector 18
1850FC Airship #4
1950Sector 20, Sector 23
2050Sector 21, Sector 22
2150Sector 24

A positive is that along the way you’ll be able to unlock extra Airships.

Meaning you can throw all four at Sector 24 for your Zu Mount. They’ll all need separate pieces and Flight Credits though.

Also keep in mind that Airships do have stats that change according to components.

You’ll likely need to swap pieces out the further you venture into the Sea of Clouds. But be patient too, as each trip can take up to two full days.

With a little bit of luck, you’ll end up with a handful of Iron Voyage Spoils to get your Zu.

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