How Do You Get The Wind-up Grebuloff Minion? (FFXIV)

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The Wind-up Grebuloff Minion can be rarely obtained through the Retainer Venture “Highland Exploration XXVI”. This Venture is only available to a Miner, and it’ll also require a minimum Level of 81 and Gathering Score of 1,815.

And truthfully the Grebuloff Minion itself is pretty uncommon.

This means you’ll need to send your Retainer on ventures quite a few times before it bags you one.

Your Retainer shares a level with you on a per-class basis. This means you’ll also need to be a level 81 Miner, or your Retainer’s experience will be stuck.

The good thing here is that you certainly want a gatherer as a Retainer. Especially if you plan to do any crafting.

Well, for crafting and great rewards like the Wind-up Grebuloff.

Being able to gather large amounts of materials with minimal effort is amazing.

Even more so when it’s someone else doing it!

You also have the option of shelling out a large amount of Gil, since this minion isn’t market prohibited.

If you go this route then expect to pay quite a lot for it.

Preparing To Send Your Retainer To Go Pound Rocks In The Hot Sun, So You Don’t Have To / Ffxiv
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As with most ventures, the rewards are quite random.

You’ll get a range of items in addition to XP for your Retainer.

Highland Exploration XXVI is the venture you’re after, and it has the following rewards:

Allagan Silver Piece8 – 9
Bismuth Ore9 – 11
Eblan Alumen9 – 11
High Durium Ore9 – 10
High Durium Sand9 – 10
Pewter Ore9 – 11
Phrygian Gold Ore9 – 11
Raw Ametrine9 – 11
Wind-up Grebuloff Minion1

It may take a while, but just keep sending out your Retainer until the Minion is yours.

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