How Do You Get The Mikoshi Mount in FFXIV?

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The Mikoshi Mount is obtained by achieving Rank 8 with the Namazu Beast Tribe and trading 20 Namazu Koban to Gyosho (The Azim Steppe – The Towering Still, X:6 Y:23) to get the Mikoshi Flute. Namazu Koban are rewarded for the completion of Namazu Beast Tribe Quests, available daily.

You’ll amass a large amount of Koban on your way to Rank 8, so the currency isn’t the roadblock.

But it will take you 31 days of Quests in order to achieve Rank 8, which is what you need for your Mount.

The good news is that from Levels 61 to 70 those Quests offer massive Experience.

Peaceful Crafting On The Azim Steppe At Dawn / Ffxiv
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The Namazu are a Crafting Beast Tribe.

That means all the Daily Quests will require some sort of component craft.

Luckily they provide you with the materials at no cost.

So even if your craft explodes, you have infinite opportunities to succeed.

On days that you increase your Beast Tribe Rank, you’ll be given the opportunity to do an additional three Quests. This means that you can potentially finish a little faster if you have the Allowances.


Becoming Known To The Namazu

The Namazu Shrine, Constructed In Dhoro Iloh / Ffxiv
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Unlocking the Namazu is sort of a tall task.

You’ll need to complete two separate Sidequest chains in order to gain their friendship.

You also must have completed the Level 64 Stormblood Main Story Quest “All the Little Angels”.

The required sidequest chains are both found in Yanxia.

Breaking them down, they are:


The Kurobana Quests

  • Courage the Cowardly Lupin (Fukudo – Yanxia – Namai, X:31 Y:18)
  • Kurobana vs. the Rice Sacks (Fukudo)
  • Kurobana vs. the Arrowheads (Fukudo)
  • Kurobana Holmes (Kurobana – Yanxia – Namai , X:29 Y:17)

The Gyorin Quests

  • Perchance to Hanami (Ochimi – Yanxia – Namai, X:30 Y:18)
  • Gyorin the Namazu (Gyorin – Yanxia – Yuzuka Manor, X:15 Y:32)
  • No Wealth Like Mineral Wealth (Gyorin)
  • Fresh Flesh (Gyorin)
  • Show Me the New Money (Gyorin)
  • Amber Alert (Gyoshu – Yanxia – Yuzuka Manor, X:15 Y:31)

Once you’ve completed both, there’s one final Quest to complete.

Head to Namai in Yanxia and speak with Kurobana to begin “Kurobana vs. Gyorin”.

As mentioned before, the Namazu are the Crafting Beast Tribe of Stormblood. So you’ll need a Level 60 Disciple of the Hand to unlock them.

The quest you need is “Something Fishy This Way Comes”, grabbed from the Floundering Namazu (The Azim Steppe, X:17 Y:35).

Once that’s done, you can begin doing your mundane tasks for the Namazu.


The Treasures Of The Namazu

The Resident Vendor Of The Namazu, Gyosho In Dhoro Iloh / Ffxiv
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If you’re wondering what other rewards the Namazu offer, we’ve got you covered.

Perhaps you need that little bit extra motivation to level those Crafters (finally).

Well from unique dances to silly masks, they’ve got it all:

Venture3 (Friendly)1 Koban
Stormsap3 (Friendly)1 Koban
Stuffed Namazu3 (Friendly)5 Koban
Basket of Steamed Buns3 (Friendly)3 Koban
Attendee #7774 (Trusted)7 Koban
Namazu Manservant Permit5 (Respected)1 Koban
Namazu Material Supplier Permit5 (Respected)1 Koban
Namazu Junkmonger Permit5 (Respected)1 Koban
Namazu Mender Permit5 (Respected)1 Koban
Ballroom Etiquette – The Yol Dance6 (Honored)8 Koban
Seven Hundred Seventy-Seven Whiskers Orchestrion6 (Honored)3 Koban
Oroniri Cloth7 (Sworn)7 Koban
Namazu Effigy7 (Sworn)8 Koban
Mikoshi Flute8 (Bloodsworn)20 Koban
Namazu Bell9 (Allied)8 Koban
Big One Festival Float9 (Allied)8 Koban

The Mikoshi Flute is the item you’re looking for to get your Mikoshi mount.

Just pop it from your inventory to acquire the festive mount for yourself.

If you’re not there yet, just keep at it and you’ll be throwing your own festival parade in no time!

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