How Do You Get The Magicked Card Mount in FFXIV?

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The Magicked Card Mount in FFXIV is obtained as a reward from the Achievement “A Card in the Hand”. But this is no easy task, since the Achievement itself requires you to obtain Triple Triad cards 1 through 312.

Complicating your card acquisition further are sidequests.

Several NPCs simply won’t play you until their Questline is finished.

After unlocking Triple Triad at the Gold Saucer, you can check your current Card List. It’s in the Character Menu, near the bottom.

Unfortunately while this does provide several clues on where to hunt for Cards, it doesn’t reveal them all.

This is a game-long pursuit – and it will take you quite a while to complete.

Luckily it’s a great way to pass long Queue timers.

The other good news is that card drop rates from NPCs have significantly increased.


Cards In The Hall

Challenging Prideful Stag In The Triple Triad Battlehall (He’s Severely Outmatched) / Ffxiv
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Your first five cards are easy enough to acquire – simply speak with the Triple Triad Master (The Manderville Gold Saucer – Card Square, X:4 Y:7).

They’ll give you the Quest “Triple Triad Trial” which rewards you with your first five cards then & there.

Just 307 more to go!

But in FFXIV, Triple Triad Cards are obtained through various methods.

Many can be obtained directly in the Gold Saucer. The Triple Triad Trader (The Manderville Gold Saucer – Card Square, X:4 Y:7) offers the following:

Chocobo600 MGP
Opo-opo600 MGP
Moogle840 MGP
Mossling840 MGP
Stormblood Tataru Taru96,000 MGP
Adamantoise840 MGP
Chapuli1,200 MGP
Muud Suud1,500 MGP
Gold Saucer Attendant5,000 MGP
Raya-O-Senna & A-Ruhn-Senna4,800 MGP
Godbert Manderville9,600 MGP
Roland10,000 MGP
Julyan Manderville14,400 MGP
Lugus21,000 MGP
Valens van Varro22,400 MGP
Lunar Ifrit22,400 MGP
Fenrir72,000 MGP
F’lhaminn20,000 MGP
Elidibus56,000 MGP
Gigi90,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender200,000 MGP
Nanamo Ul Namo400,000 MGP
Raubahn & Pipin400,000 MGP
Cloud Strife1,000,000 MGP
Noctis Lucis Caelum200,000 MGP

Some of these will not appear for sale until you progress far enough in the Main Story. Others will require completion of certain sidequests.

This Trader additionally offers Triple Triad Booster Packs, which contain the following cards (CTRL+F if you’re looking for a specific card):

Bronze Pack (520 MGP): Ahriman, Behemoth, Blue Dragon, Chimera, Coblyn, Delivery Moogle, Goobbue, Liquid Flame, Magitek Death Claw, Pudding, Scarface Bugaal Ja, Spriggan, Succubus, Tozol Huatotl, Waukkeon

Silver Pack (1,150 MGP): Amalj’aa, Ferdiad, Garuda, Good King Moggle Mog XII, Ifrit, Ixal, Kobold, Lahabrea, Minfilia, Siren, Sylph, Tataru Taru, Titan, Urianger

Gold Pack (2,160 MGP): Mother Miounne, Momodi Modi, Baderon Tenfingers, Hoary Boulder & Coultenet, Gerolt, Ultima Weapon, Cid Garlond, Warrior of Light, Zidane Tribal, Raubahn Aldynn, Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, Kan-E-Senna, Leviathan, Ramuh, Shiva

Mythril Pack (8,000 MGP): Vedrfolnir, Pipin Tarupin, Gilgamesh & Enkidu, Odin, Coeurlregina, Brachiosaur, Terra Branford, Bartz Klauser, Onion Knight

Imperial Pack (2,160 MGP): Magitek Gunship, Magitek Sky Armor, Magitek Vanguard, Armored Weapon, Magitek Predator, Regula van Hydrus

Dream Pack (3,240 MGP): Archaeotania, Eros, Fuath, Hobgoblin, Iguana, Innocence, Leannan Sith, Oracle of Light, Philia, Storge, Titania

Many of these are also available from an NPC, Duty, or Trial.

But if you’d like to avoid grinding fights or matches then you can opt to try your luck with these boosters.

Idle Imperial, An Oddly Located Triple Triad Npc In Azys Lla / Ffxiv
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As mentioned earlier, many cards can be obtained in multiple ways.

Trials, Dungeons, NPCs, Vendors, and even FATEs offer them as rewards.

Keep in mind that some NPCs holding rarer cards aren’t readily available. You’ll need to finish many sidequest chains to unlock them, like Beast Tribe Quests.

Other NPCs can be tucked away in obscure locations, like the Idle Imperial pictured above.

He’s loitering in the middle of nowhere in Azys Lla, and holds four cards you’ll need.

Just watch your map for the Triple Triad icon and keep your deck readily in hand. You’ll have your Magicked Card Mount in no time.

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