How Do You Get The Flag Minion? (FFXIV)

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The Flag Minion can be obtained rarely from Retainer Ventures. Specifically, either Field Exploration XXVI or Field Exploration XXVII.

These Ventures are respectively Levels 81 and 85, and can be performed by any Combat Class Retainer.

They’ll also require an average Item Level of 516, so make sure your retainer is adequately geared.

Ideally, one of your Retainers should share your Main Job. This is due to their Experience Cap being the same as your highest level.

Not to mention you can always dump your hand-me-down gear on them.

This ensures that their Item Level is always high enough for the later Ventures.

If not, you can always put some cheap normal quality crafted equipment on them. This is due to stats being irrelevant on a Retainer; you’re only after Item Level.

Fashion Is An Important Part Of The Retainer-Master Relationship / Ffxiv
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And after each venture there’s a myriad of items that your Retainer could return with.

Here’s a list of the possible spoils:


Field Exploration XXVI (3,179,200 Exp)

Allagan Silver Piece8 – 9
Almasty Fur3 – 4
Gaja Hide3 – 4
Kumbhira Skin3 – 4
Lunatender Blossom3 – 4
Luncheon Toad Skin3 – 4
Saiga Hide3 – 4
Flag Minion1

Field Exploration XXVII (4,335,200 Exp.)

Allagan Silver Piece8 – 9
Berkanan Sap3 – 4
Bird of Elpis Breast3 – 4
Dynamis Crystal3 – 4
Egg of Elpis3 – 4
Ophiotaurus Hipe3 – 4
Petalouda Scales3 – 4
Flag Minion1

The Ventures themselves are actually pretty handy since they reward mostly Monster drops.

It can save you quite a bit of hunting if you’re an avid Crafter.

Otherwise, you’ve got two options in pursuit of your Flag Minion. Happy hunting!

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