FFXIV: How Do You Get The Kongamato Mount?

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The jittery Kongamato Mount is obtained from the Vath Beast Tribe for 200,00 Gil. The Vath Stickpeddler (The Dravanian Forelands – Loth ast Vath, X:24 Y:19) will offer the Kongamato Whistle for sale upon reaching Rank 7 (Sworn) with the Vath Beast Tribe.

Achieving Rank 7 isn’t too difficult (the Vath are Rank 3 Friendly to begin with).

The Sworn Rank requires a total of 1,730 Reputation Points to achieve. Each Daily Quest for the Vath offers 70 Points.

This means you’ll be able to purchase your Kongamato in roughly 19 days. Assuming, of course, that you keep on top of your dailies.

You can also shorten this time slightly by doing additional Quests every time you Rank up.

In between each rank, you’ll also need to complete a regular Quest.

These quests are:

  • “Adventurer’s Don’t Get Cold Feet” at Rank 3, received from the Vath Deftarm (The Dravanian Forelands – Loth ast Vath, X:24 Y:19).
  • “An Acquired Taste” at Rank 4, received from the Vath Deftarm (The Dravanian Forelands – Loth ast Vath, X:24 Y:19).
  • “Your Enemy and Mine” at Rank 5, received from the Vath Deftarm (The Dravanian Forelands – Loth ast Vath, X:24 Y:19).
  • “Resistance is Futile” at Rank 6, received from the Vath Deftarm (The Dravanian Forelands – Loth ast Vath, X:24 Y:19)

The last Quest listed above will unlock Rank 7 (Sworn) and access to the Kongamato Whistle you’re looking for.

There are, however, additional Quests and rewards if you choose to keep grinding.


The Path Towards Befriending The Vath

The Vath Settlement Of The Dravanian Forelands / Ffxiv
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Unlocking the Vath Beast Tribe isn’t too intensive a process.

Firstly you’ll need to have completed the Level 53 Main Story Quest “Lord of the Hive”.

With Ravana quelled, his influence on the hive vanishes and you’re free to pursue their friendship.

Then grab the Quest “The Naming of the Vath” from the Vath Storyteller (The Dravanian Forelands – Loth ast Vath, X:24 Y:19). This Quest has a few objectives you’ll need to complete:

  • Search for the Nameless One
  • Accompany the Nameless One into the Smoldering Wastes
  • Find and slay a Young Melia, then deliver the pliant melia branch to the Nameless One
  • Speak with Marcechamp
  • Report to the Vath Storyteller in Loth ast Vath
  • Speak with the Nameless One
  • Mount and ride the Kongamato to the nearby bridge, using the “fumigate” ability on the dragons there
  • Report back to the Nameless One

All said and done, you’re now prepared to begin your grind towards the Kongamato Mount!


What The Vath Offer

The Very Unique Vath Armor / Ffxiv
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The Vath have a number of additional rewards you can get on the way towards your Kongamato.

Of special note are the Chocobo Feeds.

The four special feeds that the Vath sell are:

  • Sylkis Bud – Increases Chocobo attack potency
  • Mimett Gourd – Increases Chocobo healing potency
  • Tantalplant – Increases Chocobo maximum HP
  • Pahsana Fruit – Increases Chocobo enmity generation

These feeds (when given to your Chocobo while stabled) give it a flat amount of experience.

And after feeding it 10 times, the special effects of the feed are doubled. Meaning whenever your companion is summoned, you pop the feed to gain this bonus.

This is a little known trick to get some extra mileage out of your feathered companion!

It’s also nice because the only other way to get these feeds is through extensive gardening.

But with that said, the Vath Stickpeddler also offers the following items for Gil:

Gysahl Greens3 (Friendly)36 Gil
Sylkis Bud3 (Friendly)348 Gil
Mimett Gourd3 (Friendly)348 Gil
Tantaplant3 (Friendly)348 Gil
Pahsana Fruit3 (Friendly)348 Gil
Brimstone4 (Trusted)103 Gil
Black Firesand4 (Trusted)400 Gil
Wind-up Vath4 (Trusted)30,000 Gil
Mythrite Nugget5 (Respected)2,376 Gil
Hardsilver Nugget5 (Respected)2,692 Gil
Aurum Regis Nugget5 (Respected)2,930 Gil
Titanium Nugget5 (Respected)2,692 Gil
Gnathic Lamp Tree6 (Honored)10,092 Gil
Wind-up Gnath7 (Sworn)30,000 Gil
Kongamato Whistle7 (Sworn)200,000 Gil
Gnath Head8 (Bloodsworn)40,000 Gil
Vath Thorax8 (Bloodsworn)130,000 Gil
Gnath Abdomen8 (Bloodsworn)70,000 Gil
Gnath Arms8 (Bloodsworn)30,000 Gil
Gnath Legs8 (Bloodsworn)30,000 Gil
Gnath Thorax9 (Allied)130,000 Gil

And Vath Daily Quests also reward you with one Black Copper Gil each.

The Vath Stickpeddler offers a separate list of items for those:

Unidentifiable Bone3 (Friendly)6 Black Copper Gil
Unidentifiable Shell3 (Friendly)6 Black Copper Gil
Unidentifiable Ore3 (Friendly)6 Black Copper Gil
Unidentifiable Seeds3 (Friendly)6 Black Copper Gil
Gysahl Greens3 (Friendly)1 Black Copper Gil
Sylkis Bud3 (Friendly)1 Black Copper Gil
Mimett Gourd3 (Friendly)1 Black Copper Gil
Pahsana Fruit3 (Friendly)1 Black Copper Gil
Coming Home Orchestrion3 (Friendly)3 Black Copper Gil
Brimstone4 (Trusted)1 Black Copper Gil
Black Firesand4 (Trusted)1 Black Copper Gil
Titanium Nugget5 (Respected)1 Black Copper Gil
Aurum Regis Nugget5 (Respected)1 Black Copper Gil
Hardsilver Nugget5 (Respected)1 Black Copper Gil
Mythrite Nugget6 (Honored)1 Black Copper Gil
Gnath Head8 (Bloodsworn)9 Black Copper Gil
Vath Thorax8 (Bloodsworn)9 Black Copper Gil
Gnath Arms8 (Bloodsworn)4 Black Copper Gil
Gnath Abdomen8 (Bloodsworn)4 Black Copper Gil
Gnath Legs8 (Bloodsworn)4 Black Copper Gil
Gnath Thorax9 (Allied)9 Black Copper Gil

And there you have the full list of loot available from your new insect pals.

Best of luck in your grind for the Kongamato!

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