BoJack Horseman Gift Ideas: The Ultimate Buying Guide

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There are few things as good on Netflix as BoJack Horseman.

Despite getting off to a rocky start, BoJack Horseman has come to be loved both by viewers and critics thanks to the way it can tell a very serious story while remaining humorous.

The show has some pretty wacky characters and a very deep fan following. Which, as you can guess, means there is quite a bit of awesome merch out there to grab.

I’ve been thinking of ways to surprise my BoJack-loving friends after the longest “a horse walks into a bar” joke ends in season 6.

If you’re a BoJack lover and want to find some cool stuff for yourself then this list has plenty. If you’re struggling with some gift ideas for friends or family then I guarantee you’ll also find some really cool stuff here!

BoJack Toys, Games & Apparel

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Funko Pop BoJack

It’s hard to find something quite as universally known for its collectability as Funko Pop figurines. Of course, the former star of 90’s hit TV-show Horsin’ Around couldn’t be missing from their roster of black-eyed figures.

This collector’s dream depicts BoJack at his “bojackest”, wearing his signature blazer over a sweater and carrying around a whiskey hip flask for when the going gets rough… or anytime, really.

It’ll look amazing on your desk or on a shelf next to your painting of a horse treading water in a pool.

Get it for anyone who could use a reminder that we’re all barely getting through life, or simply a BoJack Horseman fan.

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Funko Pop Mr. Peanutbutter

If you’d rather fill your home with a positive attitude, even if it’s just to hide your inner demons and unhealthy relationship with love and other people’s feelings, well look no further.

Because BoJack’s aloof TV-star rival Mr. Peanutbutter also got the Funko treatment.

Hollywoo’s resident good boy is depicted here with his classic outfit, complete with sunglasses and a carefree facial expression that’ll cheer you up anytime you look at it.

No BoJack collection would be complete without the horse’s foil. They need each-other to really shine!

So order this, wrap it up in colorful paper and give it to someone as a grand gesture. They’ll love you as much as a dog loves peanut butter.

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Funko Pop Carolyn

If that’s a little bit too much testosterone and toxicity for you, but you’re still set on acquiring one of Funko’s world-famous figures, then consider Princess Carolyn.

While housing some darkness herself, one could easily say this feline Hollywoo agent is among the least damaged in the show.

She shines because she refuses to settle for less than what she thinks she deserves.

This hard-working career-cat will keep you motivated to pounce on any opportunity life throws your way, just like her heirloom necklace motivates her to keep fighting for what she wants.

You could also get it as a gift for someone who always works overtime, or simply someone with a soft spot for cats. She’s really a fan favorite for good reason.

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Horsin Around Trading Card Set

Horsin’ Around Trading Cards

America’s OG trading card company Topps released this BoJack Horseman collectible card set a while ago, depicting scenes and characters from the Horsin’ Around in-universe TV-show that gave BoJack his fame and fortune.

It includes illustrations, little extra tidbits of information on the show, and plenty of funny reading material.

This makes a great gift for any collector or any fan who just can’t get enough of the show and is always looking for more.

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BoJack Monopoly

Themed Monopoly is about the only reason I’d ever approach that board game of my own free will, and the BoJack version is probably my favorite so far.

This licensed board game will have you becoming the richest most influential agent in Hollywoo by signing different characters and acquiring the rights to successful shows.

The things I find the most amusing about this game are the player tokens, which are all stuff connected to the main characters of the show… like Diane’s laptop, BoJack’s booze flask, and best of all the stolen D from the Hollywood sign!

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BoJack Mask

What could possibly be better for a simple post-modern costume than a crazy horse mask?

I’ll tell you what: A BoJack Horseman mask!

It looks like the BoJack version of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”, which is awfully appropriate for a horse often consumed by existential dread.

This bizarre piece of apparel will complete any BoJack Horseman costume and boldly set you apart from the chaff.

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Bojack Lapel Pin 90S

BoJack Lapel Pin

If you’d rather not fully commit to a costume and instead work towards some lightheartedness for a formal attire, then this BoJack lapel pin might be just what you need.

The vivid colors and detailed design depict BoJack doing what he does best: drowning his sorrows in alcohol.

This can make for a wonderful gift for that one friend who just can’t get enough lapel pins, or a BoJack fan you might want to interest in lapel pins in general.

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Bojack Shopping Bag Diy

Shopping Tote

Dilara Edipbalkir offers us several BoJack tote bag designs to show your nihilism and self-loathing tendencies at the mall, the beach, or anywhere really.

We all need a tote bag from time to time.

So when life gets tough and the only apparent option is indulging in the fleeting pleasures of whiskey and cotton candy until alcohol grants you the sweet relief of an ethylic coma, just grab your BoJack tote bag and go to the supermarket in style.

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BoJack Collectibles & Memorabilia

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BoJack Wall Calendar

The only time of the year where gifting somebody a calendar isn’t frowned upon is Christmas or New Year’s.

So take this invaluable chance and turn an otherwise boring gift idea into a masterful stroke of genius with this BoJack wall calendar, featuring 12 different promotional posters for in-universe shows such as Horsin’ Around and Excess Hollywoo.

Each of these posters are actually parodies of real-life culturally relevant movies and shows, but infused with Hollywoo’s magic and anthropomorphic animals.

After the final season only the calendar will remain to remind us of the amazing series that once graced our screens.

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Personal Notebook

If you want to keep it simple and stick to basics, a BoJack-themed personal notebook is the way to go.

With this by your side you’ll never lose a chance to jot down all of your philosophical dilemmas and darkest confessions… or you can simply make a cool bullet journal out of it.

Plus, Unofficial Journal’s deliciously ironic branding seems like something a BoJack fan might find amusing.

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Wall Art Canvas Bojack Horseman

BoJack Wall Art

If there’s an item bound to become a conversation starter in this list, it has to be this reproduction of BoJack’s self-portrait as seen hanging behind his desk in his home office.

This piece of art is a parody of David Hockney’s “Portrait of an Artist” and it represents the famous horse’s inescapable feelings of helplessness to defeat his own toxicity and find happiness in life.

And now thanks to CraftyCanDesign’s wonderful craftsmanship, it can represent your love for this strange yet endearing character.

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Bojack Characters Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutter

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to squeeze some enjoyment out of the endless repetition of days than sweet, delicious cookies.

Thanks to BakeAndCut on Etsy you can make them in the shape of your favorite 90’s TV star (or his “friends” Todd and Mr. Peanutbutter).

BoJack cookies are perfect to eat while binging the show for the third time, or to celebrate a BoJack-themed party because you’re a true fan and you really are that hardcore.

Also, anyone who likes the show will most likely enjoy these cookies so try baking them as a gift!

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Pop Art Canvas Bojack

Pop Art on Canvas

Expressing your love for an equine 90’s TV stars has never looked so tasteful.

Add some color to your life and break the monotony of your routine with this Andy Warhol-inspired portrait of the alcoholic horse.

It’ll look amazing in pretty much any space, like your bedroom or even your office.

And if you want to bring a piece of BoJack’s house into your own you can go for the horseshoe design that the horseman himself has in his room.

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Birthday Card Bojack

BoJack Horseman Birthday Cards

If there’s something that really screams “BoJack Horseman” it’s sending a birthday card with such disinterest that you don’t even realize what’s written on it.

On your part, however, it will be recognized as incredibly thoughtful and creative. You remembered their favorite show!

This birthday card is really fun and it will definitely provide some laughs and a memorable moment for whoever receives it.

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Bojack Wooden Coasters

Wooden Drink Coasters

Drink coasters are the perfect gift for any former TV star who spends most of the day drinking.

Or just anyone who likes to keep everything in the house interesting down to the most minute details.

These high-quality wooden drink coaster discs feature the most prominent characters in the show, along with the title card.

And they can take plenty of moisture without the designs deteriorating at all so they’re likely to last for years. Definitely better than those annoying water marks on your new coffee table.

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Wheres Bojack Wall Art

Where’s BoJack?

(Spoiler) In rehab! That’s where he is in the show’s sixth season, at least. You’ll have to watch the rest to find out more.

But this creative and fun wall-art is a take on the classic “Where’s Waldo?” series of books, and it’s based on one of the show’s official promotional materials.

It’s pretty easy to spot most of the main cast around Hollywoo, but can you find the horse with a long face?

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