Best Sims 4 Plants CC To Download (Indoor & Outdoor)

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You know how picking just the right plants can make a room look cleaner and more put-together?

Such is the case in the Sims world, too.

I can’t count the number of times my builds were saved by an artfully-placed floor plant, or some strategically-placed trees (that hid my woeful inability to choose good windows).

If The Sims 4’s vanilla options are proving to be a little limited and lackluster in the greenery department, have no fear.

I’ve got this list ranking some of the best plants CC that can breathe life back into your game.


1. Cassis Hanging Plant Orb 1 (Larger) by SIMcredible!

Cassis Hanging Plant Orb 1 (Larger) By Simcredible! Sims 4 Cc

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Starting the list off is this pretty simple & single decoration from SIMcredible!

It’s a small, leafy plant sitting pretty in a glass orb with a hole at the side – kind of like a fishbowl, but tipped over.

Although not as packed or as extravagant as some of the other items on this list, I personally felt this easy breather deserved a spot regardless.

And besides; its take on the “hanging plant” concept is quite unique.

This little indoor plant décor is perfect for a simple minimalist or quirky boho vibe.


  • 1 x Cassis Hanging Plant Orb – $101 | 2 custom colors

2. The Sims 4 Zylo Plant Collection

The Sims 4 Zylo Plant Collection Cc Screenshot

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Maintaining a “simple” straightforward concept is this pack of three potted indoor plants.

Although each pot is the same matte solid color, the shape and size changes depending on the plant.

The “Modern Solo Bromeliad”, for example, is a palm-type plant that comes in a square pot.

Or the “Potted Ti Tree”, on the other hand, is a small flowering plant with wide leaves and a multi-petal flower in the middle.

These work great in rooms that follow a more muted, understated, or classic-contemporary style.


  • 1 x Modern Solo Bromeliad – $150
  • 1 x Tropical Taro Plant – $250
  • 1 x Potted Ti Tree – $350
  • 15 custom colors each

3. Teapot Planter by OM

Teapot Planter By Om Sims 4 Cc

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One of the cutest planters to ever grace my game.

This little teapot can brighten any room. Plus with 10 unique designs – I’m talking brands, patterns, color of the herbs – and a whole lot of quirky, it’s just the sort of CC you need to give a build some personality.

You can’t change the plant inside the teapot (although that would have been really cool).

But I think the pre-existing herb works well enough for the overall aesthetic.


  • 1 x Teapot Planter – $35 | 10 custom colors

4. Capsized Flowerpot by Natatanec

Capsized Flowerpot By Natatanec Sims 4 Cc

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Indoor decorations have been getting quite a bit of love. So let’s take this article outside for a bit.

Starting with Natatanec’s “Capsized Flowerpot”; a Sims 4 plant mod that I honestly didn’t expect to love as much as I do.

As the name suggests, it’s literally just a large flowerpot tipped over, causing the pretty blue flowers to spill out.

But as you can see, the result is visually stunning. Especially when used with ponds, fountains, and other flow-y water sources in your yard.


  • 1 x Capsized Flowerpot – $750 | 2 custom colors

5. Little Veggie Garden Conversions by yumesims

Little Veggie Garden Conversions By Yumesims Cc For Sims 4

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The Gardening Skill in Sims 4 allows you to grow an impressive number of fruits, flowers, herbs, and veggies.

You can even create new plants by splicing and grafting different plants together.

However, these plants – like real life – need to be taken care of daily.

That’s a lot of watering, fertilizing, and bug spraying that your Sim might not have the time for.

Enter these purely decorative but incredibly well-designed veggies (+ 1 strawberry bush).

This CC pack contains six common garden vegetables and one lone fruit shrub that you can use to create the sweetest little backyard vegetable patch for your Sim.

The best part? They don’t need maintenance at all.

So if you want your Sim to look like they have the greenest of all thumbs, plop these immortal veggies down anywhere on their lot.


  • 1 x Potato – $1
  • 1 x Radish – $1
  • 1 x Cauliflower – $1
  • 1 x Cabbage – $1
  • 1 x Carrot – $1
  • 1 x Leek – $1
  • 1 x Strawberry – $1

6. Farm Crops by sim_man123

Farm Crops By Sim_Man123 Sims 4 Screenshot

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Want to take your Sim’s “greenest of all thumbs” status a little further?

These Farm Crops are a step up from the sweet Veggie Garden plants in the previous mod.

And they look freaking legit.

Incredibly detailed and realistically designed (while still matching Sims 4 visuals), this pack contains four farm plants (and a couple variations) that need absolutely no TLC.

They’re just around to make your Sim’s outdoors look great.

And if you want to temper your Sim’s ego, there’s a lone Dead Corn Stalk variation in this pack too.

You know, just to keep things interesting and realistic.


  • 1 x Small Banana Tree – $100 | 3 custom colors
  • 1 x Banana Tree – $100 | 3 custom colors
  • 1 x Large Banana Tree – $175 | 3 custom colors
  • 1 x Cabbage – $180 | 3 custom colors
  • 1 x Dead Corn Stalk – $180 | 2 custom colors
  • 1 x Corn Stalk – $180 | 2 custom colors
  • 1 x Strawberry Plant – $180

7. Tree Swing (+BONUS: Tree Swing with Lamps) by TheKalino

Tree Swing Cc By Thekalino Sims 4

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Bonus Variation

Another one of my personal faves is this smart and stunning Tree Swing (and its variation).

Seriously this huge, towering oak tree with two swings tied to the branches? This baby can make any lot feel whimsical and romantic.

What I love is that the original version is just as characteristically charming as the one with lamps.

They both suit different narratives perfectly.

Another thing I love about this particular CC? It’s not just decorative.

You can actually swing on the tree swings. Fun!

If that doesn’t convince you to download this ASAP, well I don’t know what will.


  • 1 x Tree Swing – $200 | 4 custom variations

Bonus Variation Contents:

  • 1 x Tree Swing with Lamps – $200 | 16 variations

8. Gardening Goods by Dox

Gardening Goods By Dox Sims 4 Screenshot

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Leading our trek back to indoor plants is Dox’s Gardening Goods set.

This is an herb-centric indoor garden set that’s as unique as it is creative.

There’s a low-hanging basket and a unique “smart garden” object that doubles as a source of light (meaning you can change its light color and light intensity).

This smart garden is a rounded, futuristic-looking container with holes for the herbs to grow out of.

It’s all purely decorative, of course. So don’t worry because there’s no gardening skills needed.

Just shoop any of the depotted herbs in the smart garden or the hanging basket using the “bb.moveobjects on” cheat.


  • 1 x Plantui Smart Garden – $175 | 2 custom colors
  • 1 x Hakola Riipu Hanging Basket – $290 | 2 custom colors
  • 1 x Plantui Garden Seed & Nutrients Packet – $1 | 6 variations
  • 1 x Depotted Basil – $5
  • 1 x Depotted Chives – $5
  • 1 x Depotted Cilantro – $5
  • 1 x Depotted Sage – $5
  • 1 x Depotted Oregano – $5
  • 1 x Depotted Parsley – $5

9. Potted Herb Garden by Novvvas

Potted Herb Garden By Novvvas Sims 4 Cc

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Who says you can have too many herbs?

Certainly not me. And certainly not any Sim that believes in growing their own spices.

Seriously, this Potted Herb Garden CC set is yet another pack that I personally find brilliant.

There are six essential de-potted homegrown herbs. The tiny pot for the herbs has a little chalkboard sign, and there are seven variations of it. Super chic.

Six of them have the herbs’ names pre-written (in gorgeous casual handwriting, might I add). The seventh is a blank chalkboard. For style.

I also need to send the creator some mad kudos, because the herbs actually snap to the pots. Which means there’s no need to turn on the bb.moveobjects cheat for this one.

So if your Sim is a big believer in the naturopathic, or maybe a practicing, this precious potted herb garden can add the perfect personality to their living space.


  • 1 x Herb Pot – $1 | 7 variations
  • 1 x Chives – $1
  • 1 x Lavender – $1
  • 1 x Basil – $1
  • 1 x Coriander – $1
  • 1 x Mint – $1
  • 1 x Rosemary – $1

10. Modular Hanging Plants by plasticbox

Modular Hanging Plants By Plasticbox Sims 4

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Speaking of Sims 4 plants that snap (to their pots), this Modular Hanging Plants set does it too.

You have seven empty hanging pots and three depotted plants that automatically sync together, regardless of plant type or pot color variation.

Basically you can mix and match all the items in this package, making for a pretty versatile and unique indoor hanging garden.

I personally love the variations of the Hanging Pot. You have some swatches that make it look like a clay pot, and other swatches that make it look like a woven basket.

The plants themselves all look great in the pots and on the ground (like an alternate tiny outdoor garden). Definitely one of the more customizable packs on this list.


  • 1 x Hanging Pot – $25 | 7 variations
  • 1 x Small Potless Flower – $20 | 3 custom colors
  • 1 x Small Potless Succulent – $30
  • 1 x Small Fern – $25 | 3 custom colors

11. Hanging Flower Baskets by simsi45

Hanging Flower Baskets Cc By Simsi45 Screenshot

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These Hanging Flower Baskets might not be as customizable as the pots I just mentioned… but that doesn’t make them any less pretty!

There are three different hanging plants here with two total variations each: Basics and Deluxe.

The basics are actually smaller versions of the Deluxe option, for the Sims and Simmers looking to save space or use short walls.

Each variation also has about 10-12 color swatches each.


  • 1 x Basic Not-so-Handy Basket – $45 | 12 custom colors
  • 1 x Basic Hanging Flower Basket – $45 | 12 custom colors
  • 1 x Basic Sad Crying Ivy – $45 | 10 custom colors
  • 1 x Deluxe Not-so-Handy Basket – $58 | 12 custom colors
  • 1 x Deluxe Hanging Flower Basket – $58 | 12 custom colors
  • 1 x Deluxe Sad Crying Ivy – $58 | 10 custom colors

12. Haze Plants by NynaeveDesign

Haze Plants Cc For Sims 4 By Nynaevedesign

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I seriously live for these modular mix-and-match sets. They’re insanely customizable.

This Haze Plants CC pack is no different.

Six plants, five flowerpots, and one standalone flowerpot stand? And they can all snap together regardless of type, color, and variation? Nice.

There’s a flowerpot variation that comes with a built-in stand. However, it can still merge seamlessly with the standalone flowerpot to create a completely new support.
When I tell you that you can create over two dozen combinations with this plants set, I’m not exaggerating.

The effort put into this pack to make it as varied and as personal as possible just blows me away.


  • 1 x Snake Plant – $72 | 4 custom colors
  • 1 x Flamingo Flower – $72 | 4 custom colors
  • 1 x Giant Mustard Plant – $72 | 4 custom colors
  • 1 x Aglaonema Plant – $72 | 4 custom colors
  • 1 x Fig Plant – $72 | 4 custom colors
  • 1 x Monstera Plant – $72 | 4 custom colors
  • 5 x Flowerpot – $72 each | 5 variations | 4 custom colors each
  • 1 x Flowerpot Stand – $72

13. Decorative Flower Bed “Nature” by Natatanec

Decorative Flower Bed “Nature” By Natatanec Sims 4 Cc

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We’re headed back outside with Natatanec’s Decorative Flower Bed pack (although they can also be used indoors).

This set of six is basically six variations of the concept “Flowers & Plants in Hollowed-Out Logs.”

Yes, the overall effect is as hardcore nature and “cabin in the mountains” as you would expect.

That isn’t a bad thing, by the way.

I absolutely adore the idea of flowerbeds nestled in logs. I think it’s quaint.

And the six variations are pretty unique, too. Some logs lie horizontal, others stand upright, and no two plants are the same.


  • 6 x Decorative Flower Beds – $750 each

14. Organic Carbon by sim_man123

Organic Carbon Cc By Sim_Man123 Screenshot

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The Eco Lifestyle pack introduced a new world that was choked to the gills with pollution and industrial waste.

It sounds unappetizing on paper. But it creates such an interesting setting for Simmers with a story-based play style.

Almost like an alternate apocalyptic (or post-apocalyptic) universe.

These Organic Carbon plants from sim_man123 fit that universe brilliantly.

Building an abandoned mansion? An old factory that fell to decay? An industrial lot that succumbed to nature’s wiles?

Whatever it is, these creepy, crawly, overgrown weeds will give you exactly the vibe you’re looking for.


  • 1 x Short Bush – $180 | 8 custom colors
  • 1 x Tall Wall Clinging Vine – $180 | 8 custom colors
  • 1 x Hanging Vine – $180 | 8 custom colors
  • 1 x Wall Sprout – $180 | 8 custom colors
  • 1 x Tall Bush – $180 | 8 custom colors
  • 1 x Low Tree – $180 | 8 custom colors
  • 1 x Hanging Tree – $180 | 8 custom colors
  • 1 x Short Wall Climbing Vine – $180 | 8 custom colors

15. Modular Plants VI by plasticbox

Modular Plants Vi By Plasticbox Sims 4 Cc

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Have I mentioned how much I love modular mix-and-match sets yet?

Because I really, really do.

The level of customization they give over your builds is nothing short of astonishing. And it’s times like these where I seriously love how creative the Sims community can be.

This Modular Plants set by plasticbox lets you create a more structured and organized backyard (or front yard) garden, without sacrificing the “outdoorsy” feel.

There are three small flowers/plants, one Cypress tree, and two topiaries that you can stack and stick anywhere.

They don’t even need to be in the flowerpots or flowerboxes that come with this pack. They can be planted straight into the soil!

What’s cool about these plants is most (if not all) of them are re-meshed Maxis Match items that already exist.

Take the “Living Flower”, for instance. It was originally part of the Living Vase wall deco. The creator just took the vase away.

It’s like your Sim was able to repot and replant existing plants, which is a totally cool narrative to play in.


  • 1 x Living Flower – $30 | 7 custom colors
  • 1 x Timeless Radish – $35 | 3 custom colors
  • 1 x Tuft of the Outside – $55
  • 1 x Lonely Lonely Cypress – $360 | 4 custom colors
  • 1 x Simple Country Flowerpot – $45 | 7 custom colors
  • 1 x Country Flowerpot – $45 | 8 custom colors
  • 1 x Tom’s Very Empty Flower Box – $120 | 9 colors
  • 1 x Tom’s Empty Flower Box – $160 | 9 colors
  • 1 x Topiary Bishop – $90
  • 1 x Topiary Pawn – $135

16. Flora Plants by SIMcredible!

Flora Plants Cc For Sims 4 By Simcredible!

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The photos for this set tell us to enjoy the spring. And I personally can’t think of a more apt statement.

This pack is Spring, but indoor decorations. It’s bright, cheerful, vibrant, and stops just short of eclectic.

There are a total of 12 potted plants (or flowers, to be more specific) with several color swatches each, and their own unique pot/tray/container.

Some of them – specifically Flora Roses – have a built-in tilt or slightly-off orientation to make them look just a little more artful.


  • 1 x Flora Bluets – $37 | 3 custom colors
  • 1 x Flora Roses – $37 | 2 custom colors
  • 1 x Flora Split Leaf Philodendron – $37 | 2 custom colors
  • 1 x Flora Big Grass Plant – $37 | 2 custom colors
  • 1 x Flora Jasmine – $37 | 3 custom colors
  • 1 x Flora Freesia – $37 | 2 custom colors
  • 1 x Flora Cherry – $37 | 2 custom colors
  • 1 x Flora Sunflowers – $37 | 2 custom colors
  • 1 x Flora Lilac – $37 | 2 custom colors
  • 1 x Flora Rubber Plant – $37 | 2 custom colors
  • 1 x Flora Lily – $37 | 3 custom colors
  • 1 x Flora Daisies – $37 | 3 custom colors

17. Urban Jungle Plants by TheKalino

Urban Jungle Plants By Thekalino Sims 4 Cc

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For your explorer Sims that just can’t bear to be away from the wilderness for too long, TheKalino’s Urban Jungle Plants is the perfect CC.

Items in this set definitely live up to the name. They’re wild, overgrown, and are literally crawling out of their containers (especially the Monsterra and Money Plant).

Each jungle plant has a decent number of color swatches to keep things interesting. But I personally think the overgrown nature of plants gives them plenty of character.


  • 1 x Ceiling Wild Plant – $25 | 6 custom colors
  • 1 x Ceiling Money Plant – $30 | 7 custom colors
  • 1 x Ceiling Spider Plant – $30 | 7 custom colors
  • 1 x Ceiling Ivy Plant – $45 | 6 custom colors
  • 1 x Ceiling Fern Plant – $50 | 7 custom colors
  • 1 x Monstera Plant – $80 | 6 custom colors
  • 1 x Ficus Lyrata Plant – $100 | 6 custom colors

18. Set de Plantas Cuenca by pqSim4

Set De Plantas Cuenca Cc By Pqsim4 Screenshot

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This indoor plants set is probably in a tie with SIMcredible!’s Flora Plants pack for the “most colorful” recommendation.

Four unique (and incredibly vibrant) potted plants, one busy little wall plant, and one potted ceiling plant that’s honestly just vibing.

This pack is every bit as quirky, charming, and one-of-a-kind as all the other packs I’ve listed here.

I especially love the vase and flowers of the Jarron item. And the vase for “PlantaSuelo2” is one of the most cheerful pots I’ve ever seen (in The Sims 4, of course).


  • 1 x PlantaMesa2 – $11 | 3 custom colors
  • 1 x Jarron – $12 | 3 custom colors
  • 1 x PlantaSuelo2 – $22 | 3 custom colors
  • 1 x PlantaSuelo1 – $66 | 4 custom colors
  • 1 x PlantaPared1 – $33 | 4 custom colors
  • 1 x Colgante1 – $11 | 4 custom colors

19. Fflower Shop by Maruska-Geo

Fflower Shop By Maruska-Geo Sims 4 Cc

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Thought we were done with the mix-and-match packs? Not a chance.

I enjoy customization way too much. And it doesn’t help that the flowers + flower vases of this pack are things of utter beauty.

The vases are so dainty and so delicate, plus they’re all totally unique too.

One is a frosted, rounded-square glass. One is a striped cylinder. Another is an almost paper-thin teardrop shape … you get the idea.

The flowers themselves are no less beautiful.

I personally can’t name any of them (aside from the roses), but they are a vision by themselves – let alone when they’re placed all around in different vases.


  • 6 x plants – $50 | 6 variations | 4 custom colors each
  • 5 x vases – $50 | 5 variations | 4 custom colors each

20. TS2 to TS4 Plants & Flowers Mega Pack by Xelenn

Ts2 To Ts4 Plants &Amp; Flowers Mega Pack By Xelenn Sims 4

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Here’s a plant mega CC pack of epic proportions.

There are no words needed to describe how ambitious this pack is, and how successful the creator was in pulling it off.

This pack is basically a whole bunch of Sims 2 outdoor plants, but converted for the Sims 4.

Desert plants for desert landscapes. Water plants for pools and ponds. Flower arrangements and potted plants for indoor décor … this pack has it all, and then some.

There are a whopping 64 items in total, divided into five collections.

Yes, I painstakingly tracked down every single one of them. And it’s my personal opinion that every single one looks great.

If you want to add some more character to your Sims 4 lots, this plant set is the pack to get.


  • 1 x Desert Landscapes Pack – 17 items
  • 1 x Flower Arrangements Pack – 4 items
  • 1 x Garden Flowers Pack – 14 items
  • 1 x Potted Plants, Flower Boxes, Garden Plants – 11 items
  • 1 x Water Plants & Hippo – 18 items