Best Sims 4 Edges CC For Perfect Baby Hairs

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There are certainly some Sims 4 hairstyles that look great with sharp, snatched edges. Especially ones in the Maxis Match texture, as simplified hairlines look natural when clayified.

But there’s also something to be said about how some hairstyles just look too … neat. To the point where it’s a little jarring.

Baby hairs are a thing, people.

And these TS4 CC creators get it. Check out these awesome hairlines and baby hairs for cuter, more colorful hairstyles.


1. Mimilky Hairline by Daerilia

Mimilky Hairline By Daerilia Sims 4 Cc
Swatches:1 Style | 26 Colors
Find It In:Skin Details

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So, spoiler alert: the first four items are basically from the same creator, all under the same line.

The Mimilky line, specifically, by The Sims customer content creator Daerilia. And with good reason, honestly. All the pieces in this line are gorgeous.

Let me start with the Mimilky Hairline.

Okay, so this particular CC isn’t technically baby hair, but damn if it doesn’t give most hairstyles a nice, clean edge.

It’s unisex, comes in 26 colors – mostly standard naturals, maybe a handful of dyed soft pastels and shades of navy – and honestly looks fantastic with pushed-back or swept-back hair. If your Sim is sporting any of those ‘dos, do try this hairline.

It might make all the difference.


2. Mimilky Babyhair N1 by Daerilia

Mimilky Babyhair N1 By Daerilia Sims 4 Cc Screenshot
Swatches:5 Styles | 10 Colors Each
Find It In:Skin Details

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Next up is this Mimilky Babyhair N1, still by Daerilia. And it’s an absolute treat.

There are five variations of this wispy, delicately-styled hairline, and they all have their own unique charm.

From the subtly wavy semi-sideburn one to the one that’s just full-on forehead of curls, this TS4 baby hair CC works with pretty much any hairstyle.

Curly, wavy, pushed back, tousled, tamed – you name it.

Heck, it’ll even work with bangs; some of the side curls can still peek out.

Each design comes in 10 natural colors (mostly dark and neutrals, with just three brighter shades).


3. Mimilky Babyhair N2 by Daerilia

Mimilky Babyhair N2 By Daerilia For Sims 4
Swatches:2 Styles | 10 Colors Each
Find It In:Skin Details

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The Mimilky Babyhair N2 has that same soft, wispy, subtly-swept feel to it that one of the Mimilky Babyhair N1 variations had.

This cute and stylishly messy hairline sweeps to either the left or the right – depending on the version you choose – and it comes in 10 darker yet natural colors.

Unlike the N1 version, however, this probably won’t be visible with any other hairstyle except swept-back or high-parted. There are no side pieces to this that could potentially poke out beneath bangs, so.

Stick to the high ponytails and side-parted ‘dos for this one.


4. Mimilky Babyhair N4 by Daerilia

Mimilky Babyhair N4 By Daerilia Ts4 Cc
Swatches:1 Style | 20 Colors
Find It In:Skin Details

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Last in the Mimilky Babyhair line by Daerilia is this Mimilky Babyhair N4.

This one is an interesting take on a mix of curly baby hairs and wavy edges – although the wavy edges are a little more prominent.

This baby hair CC is middle-parted, with the sides tapering off in sparse, wispy waves. There’s a good deal of short (barely-there) baby hairs present in the middle, too.

I find that this looks great with tied hair or hair swept to the side, but definitely experiment with a couple different styles of you want. It’s pretty adaptable!


5. Hairline N1 by SayaSims

Hairline N1 By Sayasims Sims 4 Cc
Swatches:1 Style | 30 Colors
Find It In:Skin Details

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Again, this is more of a hairline than baby hairs, but it still looks pretty darn excellent paired with different hairstyles – especially with bleach-blonde hair colors!

It really gives the hair that realistic “the roots are starting to show” look if you pick a shade much darker than your Sim’s hair color.

There are 30 color options, too, so you’ve got a decently diverse pool to choose from.

This hairline is characterized by bunches of short, fine hairs growing haphazardly all over the forehead. It’s a little too short and too straightforward for hairstyles with bangs or hairdos that are parted (whether middle or side), but it works great with side-swept and swept-back styles.


6. Bangin’ Baby Hairs by Savvy.Sweet

Bangin’ Baby Hairs By Savvy.sweet Sims 4 Cc
Swatches:2 Styles | 18 EA Colors Each
Find It In:Skin Details

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These Bangin’ Baby Hairs by Savvy.Sweet are inspired by the Locs from The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack.

The creator took the edges of the hairstyle and basically separated them so they could be used with other hairstyles.


These fine Maxis Match strands are short, lush, and swept to the sides for that cute, bouncy feel.

There are two variations: one ends with a little wavy wisp of hair in front of the sideburns, the other ends with a full curl.

They looked great on the original hairstyles and they look great with most any hairstyle, too. I personally enjoy using them with high updo’s and artfully disheveled wavy hair.


7. Hairlines & Baby Hair by blewis50

Hairlines &Amp; Baby Hair By Blewis50 Ts4 Cc
Swatches:5 Styles | 8 Colors Each
Find It In:Skin Details | Face Paint

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This CC set is perhaps the most Maxis-Matched set on this list.

It’s almost impressive how well the edges and baby hairs work with many of the TS4 base game hairstyles – especially the shorter ‘dos and ponytails.

I mean, that’s probably because they actually come from the base game hairstyles, but whatever. Still incredibly versatile.

The idea behind this set was to soften the hairlines of a lot of EA hairs that the creator found too jarring or too rough to use.

Much like Savvy.Sweet’s Bangin’ Baby Hairs, the creator took the edges and baby hairs of the hairstyles they liked and added them to a hairline base (credits to @bebebrillit) so they could be used as separate accessories and skin details with other hairs.


8. Baby Hair – Serena by Candy Cane Sugary

Baby Hair – Serena By Candy Cane Sugary Sims 4 Cc
Swatches:1 Style | 21 Colors
Find It In:Skin Details

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These baby hairs by Candy Cane Sugary are pretty similar to the SayaSims’ Hairline N1.

It’s basically shorter, finer hairs scattered all over the top of the forehead – with them just a little thicker at the top corners.

I’d argue that SayaSims’ Hairline N1 is a little softer than the Baby Hair – Serena, whereas the baby hairs of Serena are a little more defined. But just like the Hairline N1, they work great with side-swept, swept-back, and tied-up hairstyles.

There are a total of 21 hair color options here, and the range is all over the place. Some naturals, I’d say six neutrals, and then just a smattering of unusual dyes everywhere. Four shades of blue, a bright lime green… honestly, the options are pretty interesting.

Best to try them out yourself and see.


9. Baby Hair – Eve 2.0 by Candy Cane Sugary

Baby Hair – Eve 2.0 By Candy Cane Sugary Sims 4 Cc
Swatches:1 Style | 8 Colors
Find It In:Skin Details

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Also from CC maker Candy Can Sugary is this Baby Hair – Eve 2.0 creation.

It follows much of the same concept as her Serena baby hairs – short, straight, defined.

But Eve 2.0 isn’t scattered evenly all over the top of the forehead and hairline edge. Instead it’s concentrated more on the top corners, with barely any baby hair in the wide middle.

It honestly looks like baby hairs that were painstakingly combed back using a small brush (or a toothbrush… I’ve watched natural hair care videos) and then styled in place using pomade or edge cream.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that this CC is pretty darn realistic.


10. Baby Hair With Sideburns by JS Sims 4

Baby Hair With Sideburns By Js Sims 4 Sims 4 Cc
Swatches:1 Style | 9 Colors
Find It In:Skin Details

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Rounding out the list we’ve got this cute baby hairs + sideburns combo from JS Sims 4.

They’re definitely one of the longer hair strands on the lineup, with the baby hairs almost reaching the eyebrows.

But they definitely soften up hairline edges a treat, so I’m not complaining.

And just like Daerilia’s Mimilky Babyhair N1, this works with practically any hairstyle – even the ones with bangs – thanks to its length and design. Just check out the sample photos.

This one’s a real treat.

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