Best Ratatouille Merch, Figurines, Collectibles & More: The Ultimate Gift Guide

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Ratatouille has inspired many across the world to fight for what they want despite what other people may think.

Whether it’s Alfredo Linguini, the garbage boy trying to become something more, or Remy the rat aspiring to be the first rodent chef, we can all relate to these characters in some way.

Despite most non-French not having the faintest idea of what a Ratatouille vegetable stew is, chances are you have at least one person in your life who’s a fan of the film(if you’re not a fan yourself!)

To help anyone looking for a little piece of the heartwarming movie, we’ve put together this list of the best Ratatouille gifts & merchandise that the Internet has to offer.

Whether you’re French or American, a rat or a human, I’m sure there’s something in this list for you.

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Chef Remy Plush

Usually only available for purchase on Disney parks, this extremely fluffy and furry friend is ready to tug at your hair and lead you to victory.

Not only are its colors spot-on, it also has the stitching quality and premium materials any officially licensed Disney product should have.

This rodent chef is perfect to befriend any child who’s a fan of the movie or simply to complete an Alfredo Linguini costume!

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Ratattoullie Poster Design

Minimalist Movie Art Poster

If you’re looking for something stylish to decorate your restaurant, a room in your house, or simply your kitchen, you can’t pass over this minimalist profile of Chef Linguini and the furry mastermind.

Vivid colors, high-quality matte-textured paper, and a simple design are ideal to bring something special to an otherwise regular room where little specks of intense color may go a long way.

AnotherPicOnTheWall on Etsy also makes similar art pieces of other franchises such as Mad Men and Frozen. So even if this specific piece doesn’t suit your fancy, be sure to give the shop a look and see what you can find.

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Remy Action Figure

Another interesting option to get as a gift for a child, or just to keep watch over you in the kitchen so you don’t mess up the soup.

Whether you want to display this or play with it, this Mattel-quality action figure is built to last a lifetime.

The texture on the body to simulate fur is just one of the ways the designers over at Mattel show their attention to detail.

It even includes a piece of cheese as an accessory! Nothing says “French Rat” like premium cheese.

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Funko POP Remy

It’s a weird day when a Funko Pop design looks more realistic than the original. But the black beady eyes on this Remy Pop are just like a real rat!

However, that doesn’t make it any less cute.

The paint job and choice of colors on this figurine looks especially good, even for Funko. And the technique used to recreate fur on vinyl is quite detailed.

If this catches your eye you can consider getting a Chef Linguini Pop as well to complete the set!

Whether as a gift or just another piece for your collection, this piece of art is sure to impress any Ratatouille fan.

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Ratatouille Cast Figures

Sometimes, getting Remy and Linguini just isn’t enough.

You need a whole cast to relive the events of the film, after all!

Whether it’s for a display, a photoshoot, or just to give a kid a crew of actors to play out their fantasies, you can’t go wrong with these figures.

It even includes the ghost of Chef Gusteau! Talk about a full house.

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Wall Decal

Skirting boards are humble pieces of great functionality, often found all around the house.

Why wouldn’t you want to customize such a ubiquitous part of your home?

And there’s no better way to do it than a characteristically cartoonish rat hole, the home of everyone’s favorite French rodent. It’s durable enough to endure the elements and the occasional sweeping shoe too.

Only the most observant people will notice this little secret on your skirting board. Anyone who does, however, will be flabbergasted by the reference.

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Ratatoullie Hat Plush Toy

Remy Chef Hat

There’s no better way to put the icing on the cake of a child’s Linguini or Remy costume than an officially licensed chef’s hat.

It’s firm enough to keep its shape even after a day of running around a kitchen or a playground.

The fabric is also soft and breathable too, so there’s no need to put up with uncomfortable costumes with this on your head.

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Linguini Alfredo Character Plush

Chef Alfredo Linguini Plush

Alfredo Linguini may not be the best cook or the most honest person at the beginning of the story. But once you get to know him, you’ll realize he’s just trying to do his best like every one of us.

The expression on this soft and detailed plush transmits just that.

It’s a man of good nature with a cute giant nose and a heart of gold!

As expected from an official Disney piece, the quality of the fabric is excellent here. As is the stitching. Chef Linguini will make a great companion for any fan.

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Remy Collectibly Straw

Remy Straw Spoon

Few things are more appropriate to celebrate Pixar’s most famous chef as something you’d find in a kitchen… like a straw spoon!

Whether you decide to leave Remy on the original spoon to decorate the kitchen, or transfer him to your own so he’ll help you make the perfect Ratatouille, this dynamic and detailed ornament is bound to make your cooking time a little livelier.

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Phone Stand

“Anyone can cook!”

That’s Chef Gusteau’s inspiring motto, the driving force behind both Remy’s and Linguini’s efforts. And it’s a reminder that anyone can achieve their goals despite who they may be or how they look.

Get this super cute officially licensed stand for anyone who needs a little reminder every once in a while.

It’s perfect for any phone or tablet, and the durable adhesive makes repositioning it as needed a walk in the park.

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Ratatoullie Light Switch Cover

Ratatouille Outlet Covers

Taken straight from Disney comic books come these light switch covers to complete a Ratatouille inspired décor.

Or to just bring a little magic and color into an otherwise normal room.

The style of the illustration is reminiscent of the film’s credits sequence, and it lends itself well for decorating with Disney themes. The double coat sealant makes it a resistant piece for the wall, and cleaning is a breeze too. Great for any kid’s room.

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Disney Parks Figurine

This figurine of Remy and his brother Emile enjoying a nice piece of cheese resembling the Eiffel Tower is usually only available at the Bistrot Chez Remy from the French area of the Epcot Park in Walt Disney’s World.

But if you look around hard enough you can find one.

The quality and artisanal feel make this official merchandise a perfect decoration for your kitchen, or perhaps even a gaming room in need of a little Disney charm.

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Ratatouille Salt and Pepper Set

Another amazing decoration for your kitchen or table is this salt and pepper shaker set including a beautifully crafted Remy and a piece of cheese in the same style.

It’s a very colorful item, sure to spice up both the look of your table and the taste of your food.

Plus it’s an official Disney decoration so you’re guaranteed a high-quality product. Just note it’s also a bit larger than you’d expect so make sure you have room for this set on your table.

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Anyone Can Cook Wall Art

Anyone Can Cook Wall Art

For a more sober kitchen decoration I suggest this tasteful wall art by AnchoredInspirations over at Etsy.

The stylish font on real grey stained wood provides the perfect backdrop for Remy’s silhouette, and the whole color palette is just ideal for when you want to add something special without saturating a room.

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La Ratatoullie Movie Wall Decal Rustic

Rustic Plank Sign

On a more rustic note we have this wooden “La Ratatouille” sign.

The art on this rough piece is more on the conceptual side, replacing Remy’s traditional cartoonish silhouette for that of a real rodent while maintaining the chef’s hat and spoon.

This creative piece comes to us by Classycastleco, and it’s perfect for outdoor decorating or to create a cozy ambiance in the kitchen.

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Remy Cookiecutter

Remy Cookie Cutter

A Remy-themed cookie cutter is about the only situation where you’d want a rat on your sugary treats.

This piece has everything you need to cut the shape and print the details of Remy’s whimsical and optimistic face on your cookie dough.

It’s also made of biodegradable materials like potato starch, so you can do your part to keep nature plastic-free.

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Anyone Can Cook Cutting Board

Remy’s Kitchen Cutting Board

Not even the most practical of items should be left without a spark of Disney magic.

This 100% organic bamboo cutting board with Remy’s likeness will be an incredible gift for anyone who truly loves their time spent in the kitchen.

You’d be surprised at how enthusiastic cooks can be about their cutting boards.

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Tote Bag Style Ratatoullie

Custom Tote Bag

If rather than cooking you’re always the one tasked with buying the ingredients, then do it with this handmade Ratatouille tote bag.

The beautiful mosaic design with the Eiffel tower, Remy, and other iconic items make it look stylish and quite trendy.

It also has plenty of space while the polyester fabric is strong enough to carry everything you need for that big dinner with your friends!

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Ratatoullie Phone Case

Custom Phone Case

If you want to show your love for Ratatouille everywhere you go, then get something for that thing you never leave behind: your smartphone!

This piece features Remy and Linguini as if jumping out of the case, which is made of transparent silicone so you can show off the color of your smartphone instead of covering it up.

Not only that, but this case will protect your phone from the wear of daily use. Keeps it scratch-free and stops moisture from getting inside.

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Ratatoullie Wall Clock Upcycled

Ratatouille Wall Clock

Some of the most amazing pieces of art come from recycled materials.

Such is the case of this Ratatouille wall clock from ElenasClocks at Etsy, handcrafted from an upcycled vinyl record.

The beautiful silhouette design is both stylish and endearing, and the classic metal hands on the clock give it the perfect finishing touch.

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Remy Kitchen Towel

Remy Kitchen Towel

Given their utilitarian nature, kitchen towels rarely get any more customization than maybe a pretty color or a basic texture.

No more!

With inspiring phrases from the movie and colorful images sublimated onto the fabric to ensure a long-lasting print, these Ratatouille kitchen towels are here to make even drying dishes a magical affair.

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Passholder Disney Magnet Ratatoullie

Disney Official Ratatouille Magnet

For the collectors out there, few things are as interesting as official memorabilia from events such as the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival event at Disney parks.

This one was given out to Passholders on the 2019 event, and if you can find a copy this can make its way to your fridge door too.

Maybe you weren’t there to buy it directly, but your collection doesn’t have to suffer for it!

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Christmas Ornament Ratatoullie

Ratatouille Christmas Ornament

No gift guide is ever finished without some Christmas ornaments. It always feels like holidays are right around the corner anyways!

With these Ratatouille decorations you can bring Disney’s second most famous rodent to your tree so he can keep watch over the gifts. Just as he would watch over a soup at La Ratatouille.

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