Best Fullmetal Alchemist Openings: Every Intro, Ranked

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Fullmetal Alchemist is one of (the?) most popular and highly respected anime ever released.

In under 100-episodes it manages what others struggle to do: tells an emotionally dynamic and soul-touching shounen action adventure across a fantasy world rich in wonderful characters.

The human core is what drew most people in. But for me, it was hearing one of the opening songs for the first time and feeling something stir inside me despite never watching it.

Here we’ll be going through every single opening from both the original 2003 anime and the 2009 Brotherhood remake.


9. FMA Opening 03: UNDO by Cool Joke

Fma Opening 03: Undo By Cool Joke Intro Theme

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Undo isn’t a bad opening, it just suits the series the least in my opinion.

The instrumentals are exciting, upbeat and expected of Fullmetal Alchemist; however the wailing singing tonally feels displaced to me.

Nonetheless, the UNDO opening features some of the best action animation of this list, and even hosts moments of contemplative quietness in-between the chaotic energy.


8. FMA Opening 04: Rewrite by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Fma Opening 04: Rewrite By Asian Kung-Fu Generation Anime Intro Theme

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There’s something painfully sentimental and nostalgic about Rewrite, the fourth opening of the original series.

Throughout the verse we’re left with lingering panning shots of our characters, in states of withdrawal or sadness looking morosely into the distance. It’s dark, sad, and feels lost – and serves as an emotional drawline for every viewer.

Then the explosive chorus kicks in and we’re shown action, beautifully animated and drawn with some truly stellar environmental work lending a sense of scale.

We end on our protagonists, like we do in the next entry: following a train track in the middle of nowhere.


7. FMA Brotherhood Opening 02: Hologram by NICO Touches the Walls

Fma Brotherhood Opening 02: Hologram By Nico Touches The Walls Anime Intro Preview

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One of the most iconic openings of all time, and yet it’s all the way here on this list!

Nonetheless, Hologram is an emotional rock ballad with plenty of colorful comedic moments punctuated throughout.

By this point, things have gotten darker for the Elric brothers. But have not yet reached the tone set later on (no spoilers!)

There’s plenty of action and panning shots, ending in a wonderful shot of Ed and Alphonse along a train track, alone, but for each other in a harsh and sandy wilderness.

It’s a wonderful callback to the final opening of the original series, and genuinely brought a tear out of me. This series is very special.


6. FMA Brotherhood Opening 05: Rain by SID

Fma Brotherhood Opening 05: Rain By Sid Anime Intro

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The soulful and spiritually uplifting introduction of Rain quickly gives way to a wonderfully dynamic and exciting chorus.

It’s a look back at the series so far, being the final opening to the show, and is steeped in emotion.

From the Roy Mustang motif of rainfall representing loss, death, and sadness, to the burgeoning appearance of a warming sun and the Elric brother’s mother, it’s so thematically resonant and satisfying.

There’s this sense of closure hanging over every second, ending on a lovely and picturesque portrayal of Ed asleep, and a gorgeous house in the countryside.


5. FMA Brotherhood Opening 03: Golden Time Lover by Sukima Switch

Fma Brotherhood Opening 03: Golden Time Lover By Sukima Switch Anime Intro Scene

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This one grew on me over time.

It’s funky, with frantic vocals and guitars (electric and acoustic) setting an adventurous tone before we’re taken through a montage of the seven sins and He at the top.

This comes midway into the story and represents a turning point for the brothers and their ambitions.

The beautiful imagery of Ed fighting against forces lingering behind him, as well as the ending shot of a mechanized arm narrowly missing a blooming flower, will never fail to encourage me to rewatch the show.


4. FMA Brotherhood Opening 04: Period by CHEMISTRY

Fma Brotherhood Opening 04: Period By Chemistry Anime Intro

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Immediately we’re hit with harmonic guitars before slowing down to an acoustic vocal performance.

We’re shown a montage of the characters and the struggles they all possess, panning across the major players and those we’ve lost, before jumping headfirst into a catchy and uplifting chorus atop a fantastically animated collection of battle sequences.

This is unmistakably Fullmetal Alchemist: an amalgam of all the introductions put together like a chemical combination.


3. FMA Opening 01: Melissa by Porto Graffiti

Fma Opening 01: Melissa By Porto Graffiti Anime Intro Theme

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It’s hard to not love the upbeat clearly 2000s nature of Melissa.

It’s energetic yet quaintly delicate in its musical execution, depicting our characters in various states of rest with either content or discounted faces before launching into a chorus of action.

It’s also wonderfully animated, with some truly beautiful sakuga displayed throughout, and gets to the adventurous qualities of the series immediately.

A classic.


2. FMA Opening 02: READY STEADY GO by L’Arc en Ciel

Fma Opening 02: Ready Steady Go By L’arc En Ciel Anime Intro Scene

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So, this opening is amazing.

It starts with drifting, bending, and distorted guitars crunching alongside a warping didgeridoo before launching into a rock anthem of upbeat singing.

The art and animation is ridiculously endearing, capturing the personalities of every character in quick succession without missing a beat.

Plus it manages this unusual balance between inorganic, mechanized sounds, and natural music that perfectly encapsulates the motifs of the series.


1. FMA Brotherhood Opening 01: Again by Yui

Fma Brotherhood Opening 01: Again By Yui Anime Intro Preview

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Here we go.

This is the Fullmetal Alchemist opening.

It starts with a soft vocal performance and lingering shots of our main characters before launching into a fast moving yet sweetly sung song rife with sadness, longing, love, and regret. It’s dynamic and constantly moving with fresh animation to grab the eye.

It can feel sad, letting the darker parts of the song breathe moments of moroseness into the opening.

Yet it’s also exciting, building hype before an amazing explosion of energy and anticipation featuring explosions and action set pieces.

This is not just the best Fullmetal Alchemist opening. It’s one of the best openings in anime history, summing up the themes and story into one minute and a half.