35 Rick & Morty Gift Ideas: Collectibles, Toys, Plushies & Cool Merch

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Adult Swim’s nihilistic science-fiction sitcom Rick & Morty has been stimulating our brains since 2013. And considering they were brought on for 70 more episodes it doesn’t seem like that’ll end anytime soon.

What started as a sort of parody of Back to The Future has become a cultural phenomenon thanks to its philosophical themes, odd humor, and overall surreal situations.

You may not be able to get Szechuan Sauce nowadays. But if you’re on the market for some Rick & Morty memorabilia or a gift for a fan, well you’ve come to the right dimension.

Join me as we take a look at some of the best Rick & Morty merchandise that money can buy. Wubba lubba dub dub!

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Meeseeks Plushes

Meeseeks are beings that come into existence with a predetermined purpose. Oh, how simple that would be…

Our life may be a tad more complicated than that. But that’s where these soft cyan buddies come in.

They’ll train your dog, improve your credit score, help you with math, and even repair your marriage if need be.

Most of all, they’ll keep you company and adorn your room. These plushies are a must for anyone’s R&M collection.

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Funko can make anything cuter. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Demogorgon or a resentful dog with an IQ-enhancing helmet.

After changing his name from Snuffles to Snowball, this little guy led a dog rebellion to release themselves from the chains of domestic life. Just look at that angry expression on its cute face – you know he means business.

If you treat your dog plushies well and don’t fear an uprising anytime soon, get this cuddly guy to display in your home. Just to soothe you on those nights where the horror of existing as a speck of dust in the immensity of the universe gets too intense.

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Portal Gun Toy

Don’t mistake this for a barcode reader! You never know when you’ll accidentally open a portal to the Blender Dimension.

This collectible replica from Funko is the perfect way to complete a Rick Sanchez cosplay.

It’s the highest quality reproduction you’ll find out there today with spot-on colors and the most accurate design around.

Just make sure you don’t fill it with bootleg portal fluid… you never know what could happen.

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Ship Coin Bank

Anything can be a coin bank these days.

This one may not have the most efficient shape to hold your allowance, but let’s be real: you’re getting it to improve your collection.

The details on this Space Cruiser, from the bumper stickers to the garbage can propulsors, are all exactly as seen on the show. It’s a must-buy for any Rick & Morty fanatic.

Plus this specific item is not in production anymore, so if you sit around and wait you’ll have a wonderful vintage item on your hands.

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Butter Robot Coin Bank

It may seem a bit over the top to build a sentient robot just to pass the butter. But you’d be surprised at how heated arguments about who should do it can get at the average family’s breakfast table.

This one is better suited for you to put your coins inside, a job I hope it likes better than it did passing butter.

This guy is almost exactly as real as he is on the show which is really cool. And it’s just one of the details they managed to reproduce perfectly.

Anyone who likes Rick and Morty will love this collectible.

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Mr. Meeseeks’ Box O’ Fun

Among the many things Mr. Meeseeks can do is keep your parties fun.

Shaped like a Mr. Meeseeks generator box, this gadget plays Meeseeks dialogue recorded by Justin Roiland as it hands out dares, requests, and overall functions as an all-in-one party game.

Get this if you like juicy, crazy, and embarrassing dares. You’ll have the coolest parties this side of the galaxy.

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Action Figures Set of 5

If you’re looking for a fast way to have a more complete collection with every cast member accounted for, then this action figure set is for you.

These detailed, perfectly painted pieces are all posable and fully articulated.

What’s more, each of them brings with it a piece of Snowball in his mechanical exoskeleton. And since you’re getting all five you can complete him right away!

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Rick & Morty Portal Figure

Every collection needs a centerpiece.

This intricately sculpted figure from renowned collectible manufacturer Kidrobot is perfect for the job.

It features a classic scene: Rick and Morty being chased through a portal by an angry Gromflomite, presumably after violating Federation law.

Not only is the style unique, but the colors are vivid and spot-on. It also includes nice details like the empty liquor bottles that truly make the figure come to life.

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Plumbus Salt & Pepper Shakers

Having a plumbus in your home is far more than just convenient. It’s also a status symbol.

What’s a plumbus, you ask? Don’t be silly.

It’s an all-purpose home device, also popular in office spaces. It’s the perfect decoration for any room!

Explaining it in detail would take too long, and it’s unnecessary because if you know R&M you know plumbuses.

Function as a salt and pepper shaker? Of course it can do that. It’s a plumbus!

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Peace Among Worlds Figure

Flipping you off? Of course not!

There are few “Ricker” things to do than convincing an entire race that you’re celebrating your friendship by giving them the finger.

That’s the reason why I think this figure is among the best you can get if you want to capture the Rick spirit and bring it into your life.

The paint on this thing is also very well done, and the stand makes the figure very stable so you don’t have to worry about any accidents.

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Noob Noob Collectible Figure

With the superpower of comic relief, we all know who the best Vindicator is.

As the Vindicator’s Intern/Janitor, Noob Noob doesn’t always get the love he deserves.

Only the most intelligent beings in the galaxy, such as Rick, can see the value in this cuddly albeit somewhat disturbing Funko plush.

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Ants in My Eyes Johnson Toy

Among the most disturbing and iconic characters in Rick & Morty is Ants in My Eyes Johnson, a TV-salesman famous for his infomercials on intergalactic cable.

This 40-piece buildable set from McFarlane Toys will let you recreate one of his commercials. And it’s so simple to build, even someone with ants in their eyes could do it.

There are many more sets in this line of buildable toys which can be interlocked to create a grand Rick & Morty display if you’re so inclined. Absolutely perfect for any collector.

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Spaceship & Garage Toy Set

Another one of our favorite items from the McFarlane Toys’ line of buildable sets is this recreation of Rick’s lab/garage, complete with the Space Cruiser and the titular characters.

Counting 294 pieces, this set is much more complex than the previous one.

It’s perfect to build during those times where you just need to pour yourself into your work, letting go of other worldy concerns.

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Pickle Rick Plush

It’s Pickle Rick!

Geek & Glitter graces us with the perfect Rick & Morty plush to show your love for the franchise, the now-iconic Pickle Rick.

Whether you get it for yourself or a friend, you can be sure everyone will love plush Pickle Rick just as much as the Internet seems to.

Plus it comes with a custom collectible Portal Gun license. Just make sure to keep the pickle away from the cat…

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Rick Stuffed Pillow

If instead of a pickle you’d rather get the original human Rick, then consider this surprisingly big cushion of the character’s head.

Granted, laying on someone else’s head to rest is something a Rick might do. But we’re not here to judge.

The hair on this piece is among its best features. They got it just right!

If the great quality and supple fabric got you, but you’d feel uncomfortable with a pillow of a mad scientist’s face, then worry not. The manufacturer also offers a Morty version.

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Mr. Poopy Butthole Plush

From Funko’s Galactic plush line comes Mr. Poopybutthole, the Smith’s old friend and the best father in the whole show.

This soft companion will always make sure you’re doing fine, telling silly jokes to raise everyone’s spirits and overall being a caring yellow chorizo.

Put him on your bed or your couch and after a while, you’ll feel as if he was always there… Was he always there?

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Monopoly: Rick and Morty Edition

One of the most unique and overall well-made licensed Monopoly editions has to be the one featuring our favorite intergalactic criminal and his grandson.

Buy, sell, and trade locations from the Rick and Morty universe such as the Cromulon Dimension, Planet Squanch, and plenty of Earth locales that’ll remind you of several episodes.

It also includes custom player tokens modeled after items like the Space Cruiser, Rick’s Portal Gun, and even a plumbus! Hell, even the currency in the game is replaced by Flurbos.

If you’re in the market for a new Monopoly this is your best bet.

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Anatomy Park Game

If rather than a re-skinned classic you’d rather get a whole new board game featuring the wacky cast of Rick and Morty, this Anatomy Park game is one of the best.

You’ll be playing inside Ruben, the homeless department store Santa, fighting for control over the best organs and resources in the alcoholic’s body as you all try to build the best attractions.

You might need some time to learn the rules because it is a bit complex. But after a bit of reading you’ll be building rollercoasters in digestive systems in no time.

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Clue: Rick and Morty

If there’s a game that never gets old, it’s Clue. That said, it definitely helps to get licensed versions to keep things fresh.

In this game you’ll try to find out who stole the plans to Rick’s portal gun.

You’ll travel around multiverse locations like the Citadel of Ricks, Bird Planet, and the Microverse in search of the culprit as one of the six members of the Smith household.

The custom player pieces depicting the Smith family are some of the most detailed I’ve ever seen in a Clue game. It almost feels like you’re just watching another episode of the show.

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Total Rickall Cooperative Card Game

Sometimes you can’t be bothered with setting up a board game.

Enter the Total Rickall Card Game for the on-the-go analog game enthusiast.

This cooperative experience will have the players trying to determine who among the characters is a parasite and who isn’t, just like the Smiths had to do in the episode of the same name.

While not necessary to enjoy the game, it’s definitely fun to watch the “Total Rickall” episode first to get in the mood.

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Into The Rickverse Puzzle

The only way I can really get into puzzles is if they feature artwork from franchises I like. Forget landscapes, give me merch!

This 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle features an amazing, super colorful, and even somewhat trippy poster art by Dan Mumford featuring the titular duo on a strange planet full of cosmic horror.

Something like this belongs on the wall once you’re done with it.

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Bifold Wallet

From manufacturer Bioworld comes this faux-leather wallet with a design depicting Rick and Morty running from impending doom.

It’s ideal for someone who doesn’t like taking things too seriously and feels regular black leather wallets are for boring people.

It has the perfect space to carry around all your cards, your Portal Gun license, and all of your hard-earned schmeckles.

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Time to Get Schwifty Hat

The only way I’d get a snapback cap would be if it was this remarkably well-made “Time to Get Schwifty” one from Bioworld.

Not only is the embroidering for the letters very solid and durable, but the colors are also very bright. And this can take quite a bit of sun without losing any intensity in color too.

Show everyone and the Cromulons what you’ve got wherever you are. It’s always time to get schwifty!

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Rick and Morty Slippers

One of the best things about slippers is that you wear them at home, so there’s no need to wear matching ones. Double the fun!

These Rick and Morty slippers have remarkably detailed facial features.

Even the pupils are just like on the show.

They’re also very soft and fluffy, almost like wearing pillows on your feet.

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Bedding Set

Despite being a show explicitly aimed at adults, there’s also a lot of kids and younger folks who love the Adult Swim comedy series.

If you’re on the market for something that’ll make them happy without going too far with the weirdness, consider this bedding set featuring sheets with intricate and beautifully colored designs.

The pillows are a little bit more on-the-nose, but that’s just fine.

Let their heads drift through the portal towards dreams of other dimensions.

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Existence Is Pain Meeseeks

Existence is Pain Car Decal

Few things are as accurately described by this nihilistic quote as a morning commute.

Now you can tell everyone at the traffic jam every morning just how poisoned reality is with Mr. Meeseeks on your car’s window.

Existential dread on wheels!

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Can Do Meeseeks Pin

Can Do! Enamel Pin

Mr. Meeseeks can also project motivational feelings, you know?

Whether you’re a fan of pins or just want something that’ll tone down the solemnity of a semi-formal attire, this colorful piece from CodeNameGoldMember is something you can’t ignore.

It’s based on the well-known Rosie the Riveter poster from WW2, with a little Rick and Morty twist.

You may not be part of the Meeseeks but you definitely “Can Do!”

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Rick Morty Engraved

Engraved Storage Box

Everyone needs a place to store their collection of plumbuses. And what better container than a wooden engraved Rick and Morty box?

It features some of the adventuring pair’s best quotes and moments on all sides, as well as some from other characters in the show.

Since they’re custom made by ThePlastickShack on Etsy, you can order one in different wood stain colors such as Puritan Pine and English Chestnut.

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Dimension C137 Candles

Dimension C-137 Candle

Anyone who loves the finer things in life will also enjoy a good scented candle.

Especially if they’re as unique as this lime-scented portal fluid, creatively named after the Rickest Rick’s original dimension.

Hopefully nothing weird will come crawling out of it.

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Drinking Flask Morty

Flask Rick

Pickle Rick may be the most famous, but wouldn’t an alcoholic like Rick prefer to be full of booze all the time?

This piece from artisanal leatherworker HotchkissLeather on Etsy has the attention to detail and polished finish only an expert can provide.

It also includes a flask funnel for you to easily fill it up, and if you’re a lousy drinker, you’ll be glad to hear the leather has been treated with water – and alcohol – resistant materials.

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Macbook Laptop Decal

Vinyl Decal

“Don’t look away *burp* Morty!”

If you’re the kind of person who can’t help but try to peel the veil from people’s eyes at any given opportunity, then this glossy vinyl belongs on your laptop, phone, or car.

It’ll shine wherever you put it. Aand since it’s easy to install, your imagination is the limit.

It comes in either black or white, and in different sizes to suit your needs.

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Portal LED Lamp

I’ve been looking over gifts for a while and this is without a doubt the best lamp I’ve ever seen.

With a Portal Gun top and a base colored like a portal, this LED lamp will excite anyone who loves the show.

While it does feature regular white light for utility’s sake, it really shines when you set it to green. It might be worth it to get used to green lights!

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Rick and Morty Official Coloring Book

In a world where nobody belongs anywhere, nobody exists on purpose and everybody is going to die… why not put some time into the soothing art of coloring?

Forget mandalas! These 80 pages of plumbuses, portals, Meeseeks and the like will inspire you to create some really trippy color palettes to help you relax.

Manufacturer Titan Books made sure to include both simple drawings from classic scenes along with really complex and ornate pages, so you’ll have something to suit your mood every time.

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Christmas Tree Decorations

In the world of collectors, Christmas ornaments hold a special place.

Santa Rick and Rick’s little helper Morty have come to your home to bring joy in the form of gifts.

And, of course, a Mr. Meeseek’s box! What could possibly be a better gift than that?

Well, these decorations of course!

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