35 Best Racing & Cycling Anime Movies And Series (Our Top List)

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Whether you’re a fan of racing or you’re a racer yourself, this list is dedicated to all of you out there.

And even you typical anime fans that just want a mix of genres. Mostly because racing is exciting enough to watch anyways!

If you’re big into anime then you’ll definitely enjoy this list of the most unforgettable racing animes of all time.

Plus a bonus highly-anticipated new anime that I’ll mention at the end. Read on to find out!

35. Galaxy Racers

Chinese Anime Galaxy Racers

Release Year: 2006

Set in a futuristic world, Galaxy Racers is about fearless competitors who put their lives on the line to be King of Galaxy Racers.

This is Roy’s lifelong dream; he steps up to take on the challenges and risks to make it come true.

Who will help him in this tough journey?

Find out the exciting events that happen on the Yellow River Planet!


34. Bakuon!!

Bakuon Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2016

Going to school was never that fun.

At Okanoue Girls’ High School, girls are allowed to ride motorcycles to school in the morning. And Hane Sakura doesn’t mind doing that at all.

She and her friends discover how much fun motorcycles can be. One day Sakura was tired of climbing a hilly road with a bicycle and saw Onsa Amano, a wild-hearted girl, riding a motorcycle.

She instantly becomes interested in motorcycles and decides to join the motorcycle club at the school.

And now, while Sakura is working to get her license, she enjoys her school days and hits the road with her friends. Quite a feel-good show worth checking out.


33. Scan2Go

Scan2Go Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2010

In the near future, after reaching planets outside our galaxy, everyone is going nuts over Scan2Go.

People across the universe get to race each other using toy race cars.

Awesome races are held at every locality, and everyone strives to win the title of the universe’s number one racer.


32. Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club

Minami Kamakura High School Girls Anime

Release Year: 2017

After moving to Kamakura from Nagasaki, Maiharu Hiromi was cycling to school to attend the ceremony for the first day.

On her way there she meets Akizuki Tomoe, who helps her learn more about cycling.

Gradually the two girls meet new friends and they all share their love of cycling.

And eventually they decide to form a Cycling Club to live the exciting life of cycling that they love.


31. Shakotan Boogie

Shakotan Boogie Screenshot

Release Year: 1991

The two classmates Hajime and Hiroshii really love shakotan; streetcars which have been altered quite low to the ground.

Yes, it’s a big focus in this anime.

They spend their time playing around in their car and competing with other drivers. This means they deal with Yakuza and some biker gangs, and that gets them in a lot of trouble. Often even chased by the police.

But guess what… YOLO!

None of those things will stop them from having fun and doing what they want.


30. Kandagawa Jet Girls

Kandagawa Jet Girls Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2019

This story takes place in a future world where there’s a popular sport in which teams of two girls race against each other on “jets” which are a futuristic version of jet skis.

Teams are made up of a “Jetter” who drives the jet, and a “Shooter” who shoots members of other teams with a water gun.

Rin Namiki, whose mother is a legendary jetter, leaves her hometown and moves to Asakusa to chase her racing dream.

There she meets Misa Aoi and they form their own team, the Kandagawa Jet Girls.

Together they race against other teams and work super hard to be the best.

Also quite a newer anime with a game that released in Japan in early 2020. Check it out!


29. Master Of Torque

Master Of Torque Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2014

Imagine wearing a suit that gives you incredible athletic abilities.

A company called the Hyuga Corporation develops just that.

Dan Amo is a regular Japanese salaryman who lives with his aunt.

But at night, he enjoys the sense of fulfillment he gets from riding his motorcycle.

His natural talent in riding and his incredible speed earned him the name of “Zebra”. All of this makes him the target of a mysterious riding group, which makes him also targeted by the freelance journalist Makina Mikage.

Think that’s confusing? It only gets more complicated as you go…


28. Two Car

Two Car Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2017

The two childhood friends Miyata Yuri and Meguro Megumi dream about winning their island’s kneeler racing tournament and entering the Isle of Man international competition in the UK.

They’re both in love with their coach Tanahashi, and they’re always competing to get his attention.

Will they be able to put their differences aside and make their dreams come true?


27. Monkey Turn V

Monkey Turn V Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2004

After winning his first SG Cup, Kenji Hatano takes a long time to become the greatest kyotei racer in Japan.

He has a bright future and a lot to do. And he’s ready to compete with old Yamato Academy classmates as well as new promising racers.

But a serious accident during a race puts him in deep water when his left hand and wrist get cut by a propeller.

This can potentially end his entire career.

But the ambitious young man is determined to continue his racing career and prove he’s the best.


26. Bari Bari Densetsu

Bari Bari Densetsu Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 1986

When you love doing something, nothing can stop you from doing it.

That’s the theme for Bari Bari Densetsu.

Four high school seniors are in love with bike racing.

And their passion drives them to take part in illegal races in the mountains and public roads at night just to practice their skills, aiming to become the professional motorcycle racers they dream to be.


25. éX-Driver

Éx-Driver Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2000

Set in the future, eX-Driver is set in a world where all vehicle transportation is controlled by AI. But all great machines come with the default and break down, lose control, or are re-programmed.

This is where the eX-D organization comes in and saves the day.

The three teenagers, Subaru WRX, Super 7, and Lotus, with their non-AI cars, try to make sure everyone is safe and life goes on well.


24. Speed Racer (Mach GoGoGo)

Speed Racer Original Anime 1967 Screenshot

Release Year: 1967

Everyone should know this series by name, it’s a classic!

The Mach 5 is one of the fastest cars ever made by man, and only few would dare race against it.

This epic car’s driver, the young, ambitious Gou Mifune, takes it to many adventures, accompanied by his girlfriend, his candy-crazed brother who’s friends with a monkey, and his mysterious brother, Racer X.

Together they go through many challenges and adventures.

With a vision in mind, Gou sets out to be the best of the best.


23. Lupin III: Part V

Lupin Iii Part 5 Screenshot

Release Year: 2018

Lupin – who himself is a thief – is the grandson of world-famous thief Arsène Lupin.

He receives an invitation to join a race by Mr. X, despite knowing it’s a trap.

He’s a thief after all, and he and his gang have their eyes on the Golden Statue that is said to be in a mansion near the racecourse.

While Lupin makes his plans to obtain the statue, Mr. X has some other crazy plans for him, planning to send him back to the past and change the key events that led up to his ties with his current gang.

Quite a watch if you can get past the lengthy backstory.


22. F-Zero: GP Legend

F-Zero: Gp Legend Screenshot Anime

Release Year: 2003

In the year 2201, crazed fans across the whole universe flock to F-Zero tracks to watch the sport’s intense races.

Because F-Zero promises huge tempting prizes, it sometimes attracts outlaws who will do anything to win.

This puts the sport’s reputation at risk and the universe in danger(apparently).

That’s where the Elite Mobile Task Force comes in. They’re a team of racers who are prepared to stand against this kind of danger.

They’re driven by their desire for victory and their very obvious love of speed and adrenaline.

And they’re the only hope for restoring peace and saving the universe.


21. Idaten Jump

Idaten Jump Anime

Release Year: 2005

Sho Yamato enjoys mountain biking and loves his Idaten bike.

He gets lost while mountain biking with two of his friends in a mysterious place called the “X-Zone”.

And to leave the X-Zone and get back home they have to win 10 gold emblems, which they can get by winning Idaten battles.

These are certain kinds of races in the X-Zone and they’re really fun to watch.

The three friends find themselves involved in so many adventures and battles in order to make it and back to their homes, and they definitely have a mountain to climb.


20. Tailenders

Tailenders Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2009

Tailenders tells the story of Tomoe Shiro, a talented race car driver with a very promising future.

But his life takes a serious U-turn when he barely survives a horrible accident.

Miraculously his own race car saves his life when his heart is replaced by its engine.

But because he has an engine instead of his real heart, he’s not allowed to participate in any races.

Tomoe Shiro travels to a really far planet where people like him are allowed to race, looking to chase his racing dreams there instead.


19. Arrow Emblem: Grand Prix no Taka

Arrow Emblem 1977 Screenshot

Release Year: 1977

Takaya Todoroki is a young rookie driver who dreams to become famous someday.

He builds a car to participate in a race, and because of the poor quality of his building, Takaya has a serious accident in which he destroys his car and has to be taken to the hospital.

Sounds familiar right?

But life offers Takaya a second chance; he is approached by a mysterious driver who helps him join a famous racing team.

Takaya is now shaping his own destiny, fighting tooth and nail to become the famous racer he always wanted to be.


18. F

F 1988 Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 1988

Really, just one letter? Yes.

This story is about the young reckless teenager from the country, Akagi Gunma, who always puts his dream of racing a Formula One car first.

He leaves his hometown behind and moves to the big city to chase after his dream.

Will this simple farmer be able to adapt to the new situations and finally reach his goal?


17. Nasu: Andalusia no Natsu

Nasu: Andalusia No Natsu Screenshot

Release Year: 2003

Team Pao Pao Beer travel east to participate in the Japanese Cycling Cup.

It also may well be their final season together.

When the Spaniard cyclist Pepe Benengeli and his teammate Jean Luigi Ciocci learn about the suicide of one of their favorite heroes, Marco Rondanini, this team has to make it through a storm.

Can they make it? Well you’ll have to watch to find out!


16. IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix

Immortal Grand Prix Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2003

Everyone in the year 2048 is talking about a huge event: the fighting race named the “Immortal Grand Prix”, or IGPX for short.

The event is massive and an entire city was built just for it.

Teams with great pilots are competing in a huge track where they have to be ready to take punches, have a high machine performance, and have good teamwork to earn their place as the winner.

A really fun anime with a lot of twists and turns(no pun intended!)


15. Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go!!

Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s &Amp; Go!! Screenshot

Release Year: 1996

The Seiba Brothers, Go and Retsu, two kids who always argue about who’s the best racer.

They’re given race cars called “Mini 4WDs” by Dr. Tsuchia.

From this point on they both customize parts of their cars and train hard to participate in the Japanese Cup.

There all racers around Japan join and compete together in some really exciting scenes, the likes of which anime has rarely seen before.


14. RideBack

Rideback Anime

Release Year: 2009

Rin Ogata lives in a future world where the GPP organization is taking control of the whole world.

Rin is a talented, promising ballet dancer.

But she has to let go of her passion when she is suddenly injured.

Years later in college she finds the University Rideback Club, and she’s blown out by the Rideback; a motorcycle-like vehicle that turns into what looks like a big robot.

Her ballet skills helped her ride this vehicle and create her own unique set of moves.

She found freedom in riding the Rideback since it allowed her to move around and dance just like she used to.

And even though this causes her some trouble with the government, she’s still happy to be doing what she loves.


13. Uma Musume Pretty Derby

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2018

In a world pretty much the same as ours, there’s a chance for ex-racehorses to be reborn as “horse girls”.

These girls have the same ears and tails as horses and a spectacular ability to endure really hard races.

The best horse girls get to go and train at Tokyo’s Tracen Academy, where they can find fame and money.

Yes I know this is getting weird, trust me it’s awesome.

Special Week is this anime’s very cute main character who comes from the countryside.

She aims to be the best horse girl in Japan, and because she’s in love with Silence Suzuka’s style. She’s determined to race on the same team as her… Special Week is very positive, enthusiastic, and nothing can stop her.

She’s literally strong as a horse!


12. Ōban Star-Racers

Ōban Star-Racers Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2006

In 2082, the Great Race of Ōban is held.

It’s an intergalactic race where the winner will be given the “ultimate prize”, a prize that many people would do anything to get.

The winner is granted whatever wish he/she wants.

Here on Earth a girl named Eva Wei desperately wants to be reunited with her father, the successful race manager Don Wei.

He left her in a boarding school after her mom’s tragic death which sets an interesting backstory.

Determined to win the Great Race of Ōban and hopefully be reunited with her parents, Eva escapes school and, disguised, joins her unsuspecting father’s star-racer team as “Molly”.

Think she’ll make it?


11. Wangan Midnight

Wangan Midnight Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2007

Street racing on Tokyo’s Shuto Expressway, Bayshore Route, Wangan, the longest, straightest road in Japan, is mad!

One day high school student and street racer Akio Asakura comes across the unnaturally fast car, the Nissan S30, and he absolutely loves it.

But he learns about its scary history of accidents and has a few tough choices to make.


10. Blassreiter

Blassreiter Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2008

Germany is faced with a dangerous outbreak of “Demoniacs”, human corpses transformed by a curse into these crazy biomechanical monsters.

All they do is kill and destroy whatever they see.

They have this strange ability to control and merge with cars and motorcycles.

Some Demoniacs choose not to be so evil though and instead use their abilities for good.

One of those will stand out above all other Demoniacs and become the Blassreiter.


9. Air Gear

Air Gear Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2006

Air Gear tells the story of Ikki, an orphan boy who lives with four sisters at a time when the trend of “Storm riding”.

This is an activity where people use Air Treks, these cool futuristic flying roller blades.

It’s one of many racing anime filled with exciting races and countless adventures.

When Ikki finds out that the girl’s part of a racing gang called the Sleeping Forest, he’s really impressed by the sport, later taking on his own adventure in storm riding.

Although Air Treks come with a speed limit, he and his friends are daring enough to fly way past it.

All they care about is fulfilling themselves and finally feeling free.


8. Future GPX Cyber Formula

Future Gpx Cyber Formula Anime

Release Year: 1991

The 14-year-old Kazami Hayato is the youngest racer in the history of Cyber Formula, a kind of race where all race cars are equipped with a “Cyber System”.

With his car Asurada, he viciously competes in the 10th Cyber Formula Grand Prix to prove himself and win.

But if he really wants it, he has to get through all lots of struggles and obstacles on and off the racetrack.

Will he succeed in becoming the youngest Cyber Formula winner of all time? Yet another edge-of-your-seat racing series with plenty to offer.


7. Over Drive

Over Drive Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2007

Imagine being a high school student who has a boring routine life.

No special talents, always gets bullied at school… and one day your crush asks you to join her brother’s cycling team.

Anyone who’s as desperate as Mikoto Shinozaki would have accepted that offer.

Shinozaki had no other way of impressing his crush and making his life worth living, so he trained really hard to make the team.

And with time he discovers that he actually really likes cycling!

This is also a newer anime which aired in 2007 so I’m really impressed with the quality of how it turned out.


6. Capeta

Capeta Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2005

This story of Capeta is about a little 10-year-old boy named Taira Capeta.

He feels lonely after losing his mom. His dad wasn’t gaining enough money from his work to buy him a new kart.

Instead of waiting for his dad to buy the kart for him, this ambitious young boy starts making it for him from old scraps.

Capeta meets his arch-rival, Minamoto in his very first race.

They both want to reach their dream of competing in F1 races, and Capeta is definitely putting the pedal to the metal to get ahead.


5. Prince of Stride

Prince Of Stride Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2016

Stride is a type of extreme sport that combines different sports like free running, sprinting, parkour, and relay.

Nana Sakurai is captivated by this sport, and Takeru Fujiwara is also very passionate about it.

Together they want to join the school’s stride team.

But unfortunately they need six members to revive it.

So they recruit Riku Yagami to help them, hoping to revive the club of the sport they love so much. And thus births one heck of a fun racing-themed series.


4. Redline

Redline Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2009

A race called “Redline” is held every 5 years and at a different location every time.

Its location is only revealed very soon before the race starts.

Roboworld is the location this time, and if Roboworld’s militant government had known that, it wouldn’t have allowed it to be held there.

The race has no rules; first to cross the Redline wins.

JP is thirsty to beat Sonoshee McLaren, the most vicious driver in the race.

Depending only on his car’s speed, he is pushed to the limit to win the most important race in his life.

Yes this sounds incredibly dangerous, and yes this is a really fun anime to binge.


3. Run with the Wind

Run With The Wind Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2018

Have you ever given up on your dream or felt too discouraged to try and make it come true?

Like many of us, this was the case with Kiyose Haiji. Hedreamt of being a competitive runner back in high school.

But after getting into college and suffering from an injury, his desire to be a racer gradually fades away.

But on one blessed chilly March day, Haiji saw the former elite runner at his high school being chased for stealing food.

Haiji saved him and convinced Kakeru to live with him and eight other dormmates to team up and finally make his dream of entering the Hakone Ekiden Marathon come true.

Absolutely worth a watch for any racing-themed anime.


2. Yowamushi Pedal

Yowamushi Pedal Anime Screenshot

Release Year: 2013

Sakamichi Onoda was an otaku just like all of us.

He wanted friends to share his interest in anime with. But he didn’t have many friends in middle school.

Hoping that would change in high school, Onoda joined his school’s anime club. But unfortunately for him the club was disbanded and if it was going to be reestablished it needs new members.

Onoda had ridden a city bicycle (mamachari) since he was young and this leads to an interesting event…

One day Shunsuke Imaizumi, another cyclist at his school, noticed how good Onoda was when he made riding up a steep hill look really easy.

This leads to a new journey: the Sohoku High School Bicycle Club.

I will say this is definitely an anime you wouldn’t expect. It’s something you’d have to just watch to get a feel for how it goes.


1. Initial D

Initial D 1998 Anime Series

Release Year: 1998

This anime will immerse you into the illegal side of Japanese street racing.

Here we find wild races held in dangerous mountain passes to captivate any audience.

The eighteen-year-old Takumi Fujiwara helps his father run his tofu store by delivering orders to a hotel in Akina every morning.

This made him a really good driver since he had to learn to drive anywhere, and in any weather conditions.

He basically became a street racer without even knowing it!

Angry and looking for ways to feed their egos, street racers will try and beat him in very dangerous races.

The exciting adventures of this anime will always keep you on the edge of your seat.


Honorable Mention: Appare-Ranman!

Appare-Ranman Anime Screen Preview

Release Year: 2020

To be released on April 10th, 2020, this story starts in Japan near the end of the 19th century.

It followers Sorano Appare, a very intelligent boy, but a total fool when it comes to social interactions.
Another boy Isshiki Kosame also finds himself attached to Sorano and they both find themselves drifting on a boat to America.

Totally broke, they think of ways to make money and get back home to Japan.

The only thing they can think of is to compete in the Trans-American Wild Race and win the grand prize of a million dollars.

So now they find themselves competing against some unusual and crazy opponents, and even outlaws!

The race starts from the West Coast in Los Angeles and ends In New York.

With a steam-powered car they build, Sorano and Isshiki hope to win the grand prize and travel back home. Think they’ll be able to?

Just keep an eye out for this release and give it a try.

Note: you can also checkout the official trailer to get a sense of what it’s all about.