25 Anime With The Longest & Most Absurd Titles

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Have you ever looked at an anime title and thought “well that just seems unnecessarily wordy…”

Well then you might blow your fuse after reading this article.

We’re going to look at all those shows that just couldn’t help but write a mini essay when naming the series.

The rules are simple: the longer, the better. And all the titles will be in English (for simplicity) but alternative titles can be used as they’re usually more ridiculous. And everything from second seasons to specials can come into play.

Let’s get started!


25. Do You Love Your Mom And Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?

Do You Love Your Mom And Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? Anime

I mean, you know it’s going to be a fun day when you start off with a title like this.

The revolutionary milfsekai made quite the impression on the community when it first came out, only to quickly go into the niche isekai pile after a month.

You do have to give it props, though.

As I had never envisioned Freud writing an anime script until this show came along.


24. Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They?

Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They? Screenshot

Two for two when it comes to rhetorical question titles.

As you might imagine, this one is also an isekai.

The genre just really likes to ponder specific issues… And to answer the burning question that’s swelling up inside of you, yes, the problem children truly are coming from another world.

Even though “problem children” are not the exact words I would use to describe psychics, but that’s just me.


23. No Matter How You Look At It, It is You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular

No Matter How You Look At It, It Is You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular Anime Screenshot

Now we have a nice change of pace, as not only is this anime title not a question, but it’s also blaming us for being lame.

And I would say that it’s appropriate for the show – as god knows the protagonist is terrible at facing reality.

Quality wise, it’s better than the previous two anime on our list. But you better have some thick skin, as the cringe is very strong and very intentional in the writing.


22. The Otherworldly Demon King and the Summoner Girls’ Slave Magic

The Otherworldly Demon King And The Summoner Girls' Slave Magic Anime

If you’re an avid trash anime watcher like myself, you might think “wait, this one doesn’t sound familiar”, but you would be wrong.

You see, it’s just the alternative title of “How Not to Summon a Demon King”.

There’s a reason why I laid out the rules in the beginning!

I do have to say that I find this alternate title oddly hilarious, as it presents a Demon King on the one hand, and then a girl with slave magic on the other.

Like, who am I rooting for here?


21. I Want You To Make A Disgusted Face And Show Me Your Underwear

I Want You To Make A Disgusted Face And Show Me Your Underwear Screenshot

I mean, say what you will about the show being disgusting, but at least it doesn’t beat around the bush.

You read the title and you literally know all there is to the plot.

Like literally, it’s an ONA with six four-minute episodes. And each one is just a girl making a disgusted face and showing her underwear.

You can’t get more on the nose than this.

Even Interspecies Reviewers had more subtlety.


20. Showa and Genroku Era Lover’s Suicide Through Rakugo 2nd Season

Showa And Genroku Era Lover's Suicide Through Rakugo 2Nd Season Anime Screenshot

This is another alternative title, this time to the series Descending Stories.

Plus it’s a second season, so of course that has to get thrown in there.

Also, unlike most of the shows on here, this is actually an S-class anime.

In case you haven’t brushed up on your Japanese culture lessons, rakugo is a performance where one person tells a comedic story with little to no props.

The second season also gets very deep in terms of introspection and the pursuit of confidence, so it’s one of few shows from this list that I’d suggest you watch.


19. The Disappearance of Conan Edogawa: The Worst Two Days in History

The Disappearance Of Conan Edogawa: The Worst Two Days In History Anime

First it was Haruhi Suzumiya, and now even Conan.

Anime protagonists really like disappearing in movie format.

If you’re a fan of the Conan franchise, you’re bound to enjoy this movie as well.

It celebrates the 20 years of the original manga, and is sure to give you that nostalgic hit that you needed in your life.

So it might be the two worst days in history. But it can be the best hour and a half in your life.

I expect to be paid for that tagline.


18. Kino no Tabi: the Beautiful World – Life Goes On, Kino’s Journey Movie

Kino No Tabi: The Beautiful World - Life Goes On, Kino's Journey Movie Anime Screenshot

Although it’s more subtle than mister “show me your underpants”, this anime title still cues you in on what you need to know about this movie.

The protagonist is Kino, and they truly do go on a journey.

Their beautiful world is a bit depressing. But I’m sure some people are into that.

And the “life goes on” part is a pretty clear sign that someone bit the bullet.

The title did not prepare me for a talking motorcycle, though. That one was just a shock.

Also note that this is the prequel for the arguably better-made series of the same name.


17. Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town?

Suppose A Kid From The Last Dungeon Boonies Moved To A Starter Town? Screenshot

For this show, all you have to do is listen to the title.

Just imagine a kid who lived in a place called “the Last Dungeon” going to a noob village and enrolling in school.

Pretty much everything goes like you think it does.

The dude is dense as hell and basically a god among men.

Now, suppose that the show is a really fresh spin on the OP MC isekai genre? Absolutely not.


16. Dragon Ball Z: Resist Despair!! The Surviving Fighters – Gohan and Trunks

Dragon Ball Z: Resist Despair!! The Surviving Fighters - Gohan And Trunks Anime

You just gotta love it when specials get extremely specific.

Although there are probably other Dragon Ball specials out there that trump this one in length, this one is actually decent.

I’m also too lazy to go down the Dragon Ball rabbit hole.

This special details Trunks’ original timeline, before the time traveling shenanigans started going on, and how he became the hunk we know today.

I also find it morbidly hilarious that Gohan is called the Surviving Fighter.


15. AnoHana, We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day.

Anohana, We Still Don't Know The Name Of The Flower We Saw That Day. Anime Screenshot

Yes, this is an alternative title.

And yes, I actually prefer it slightly to the original.

It comes off as a bit more mystical than just “The flower we saw that day”.

I can’t really meme on the show, as it’s an absolute gem and a fan favorite for many of you I’m sure.

The show is amazing, and represents one of the few times where the long title adds to the show instead of making it feel like a fever dream.


14. KONOSUBA -God’s blessing on this wonderful world!- Legend of Crimson

Konosuba -God's Blessing On This Wonderful World!- Legend Of Crimson Anime

Words cannot explain how much I love this movie.

KonoSuba is already an S-tier comedy in my book. And yet this movie managed to still go above and beyond my expectations.

Not only is the story centered around the Crimson Demons, Megumin’s people, but we even get somewhat of a romantic development.

This movie truly is God’s blessing on a wonderful anime world – and a must-watch for KonoSuba fans.


13. Caught in the Battlefield Between My Girlfriend and My Childhood Friend

Caught In The Battlefield Between My Girlfriend And My Childhood Friend Screenshot

You could easily be surprised by the title of this show, even if you watched the entire thing. As literally everyone just calls it Oreshura.

Even the MAL page tries to hide this plot-describing monstrosity of a title.

But the truth can never escape those with a curious mind and the ability to use Google Translate.

The show itself is surprisingly okay. You’re not getting anything more than the title promises, except that the kuudere charts are all over the place.


12. Yuri!!! On ICE: Yuri Plisetsky GPF in Barcelona EX “Welcome to The Madness”

Yuri!!! On Ice: Yuri Plisetsky Gpf In Barcelona Ex Welcome To The Madness Anime

I’m really starting to pull anime out of my behind at this point, as this is just a 2-minute special for Yuti on Ice.

But hey, the title is pretty long. Probably longer than the special itself.

Nevertheless, Yuri on Ice fans seemed to really enjoy this short little gem, as the vacuum nature of the exhibition gives more room for interpretation and emotion when it comes to the routine.


11. Shimoneta: A Boring World Where The Concept Of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist

Shimoneta: A Boring World Where The Concept Of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist Anime Screenshot

This title is both very accurate and very misleading.

On the one hand, the world of Shimoneta truly is boring. And dirty jokes don’t exist in the minds of the characters.

On the other hand, it goes far beyond just dirty jokes.

The act itself is frowned upon, and all of the characters are up to their ears in hormones and just ready to hump a chair.

Also, as the viewer you’ll be subject to thousands of dirty jokes watching this show. And maybe a few adult faces, if you know what I mean.

It’s quite fun.


10. Yusibu: I couldn’t become a hero, so I reluctantly decided to get a job. OVA

Yusibu: I Couldn't Become A Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided To Get A Job. Ova Screenshot

Did I choose the OVA just so that I could squeeze one more word into the title? Perhaps.

Did anyone on this planet truly need to see this OVA? Definitely not.

Have I started making everything a rhetorical question under the influence of these light novel/anime titles? Probably.

As far as this OVA/original anime is concerned, you’re getting exactly what the titles promises. A wannabe protagonist misses the chance to kill the demon king and get the true fantasy MC treatment, so now he washes dishes.


9. Kochikame, This is the Police Station in Front of Kameari Park in Katsushika Ward

Kochikame, This Is The Police Station In Front Of Kameari Park In Katsushika Ward Anime

This entire franchise is just insane when it comes to title length.

I opted to go for the original story, as most of the sequels weren’t even translated into English (or the English title is far shorter than the Japanese one).

But, if you are curious to know, this is the longest Japanese title I found in the franchise:

Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo: Ryou-san to Chyuuken Rakkii Monogatari – Kameari D.


8. My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy

My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy Anime Screenshot

Never before have I seen a title and wanted to say “same”.

I can’t relate to someone being reincarnated as a slime that one time.

Nor can I relate to a wife not knowing what her husband is saying.

But this, this I can get behind.

When it comes to the plot itself, some of the relatability is gone, since I do not have a goddess forcing me to choose between throwing up or committing assault whenever a cute girl walks up to me.

But hey, you can’t have it all.


7. If I Don’t Successfully Pick Up 420 Girls, I Am Going To Die In A Lot Of Different Ways

If I Don't Successfully Pick Up 420 Girls, I Am Going To Die In A Lot Of Different Ways Anime

Okay, there’s a lot to say about this anime.

First off, this is actually just a promotion special for the light novel. So don’t expect an actual anime adaptation.

Secondly, the title is a bit misleading, as he doesn’t have to pick up that blazing amount of girls – but rather only one.

Lastly, if you want to have a quick laugh, just watch the Japanese promo video for this anime and turn on the English CC automated captions. It’s a riot.


6. Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To: The Geniuses’ War of Love and Brains 2nd Season

Kaguya Wants To Be Confessed To: The Geniuses' War Of Love And Brains 2Nd Season Anime Screenshot

Sure, the tagline “Love is War” is both way more catchy and memorable than whatever this alternate title says.

However, it really nails down the main plotline of the show.

And the sentence “The Geniuses’ War of Love and Brains” just sounds like a Big Bang Theory fanfiction.

So, I’m very conflicted on the title. The show itself is amazing though; that much should be obvious given how highly appraised the series is.


5. WorldEnd: What Do You Do At The End Of The World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us?

Worldend: What Do You Do At The End Of The World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us? Anime

You really have to admire the courage it took to create this title.

The creator obviously glanced at his competitors and realized that he was about to make history.

While those mere peons were creating one question titles, here we have an anime that goes even beyond that.

And that’s how we got this three question title anime, a true innovation in the title writing community.

“Are you busy” is probably the bravest of the three, as it sounds so impeccably stupid given the situation that the other two questions convey.

The show is pretty good too, I guess.


4. Hamefura, I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags…

Hamefura, I Reincarnated Into An Otome Game As A Villainess With Only Destruction Flags… Anime Screenshot

Imagine how simpler dating would be if we started calling red flags ‘destruction flags’ instead.

Divorce rates would go down to zero, I dare say.

It is, of course, an alternative title to “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!”

Which is a show you might have heard about at some point.

It’s actually really decent, and an actual good twist on the whole reincarnation trope.

Who knew that there were still new ideas to be had in the genre?


3. The Story in Which I was Kidnapped by a Young Lady’s School to be a “Sample of the Common People”

The Story In Which I Was Kidnapped By A Young Lady’s School To Be A Sample Of The Common People Anime

We’ve finally reached the point where this title doesn’t even fit on a single line with the default font in Word.

That’s how you know that we’ve entered the Big Three.

This show actually stars a gay protagonist who was abducted into an all-girls school.

If you’re wondering what the “sample of the common people” part is about, let’s just say that the girls in this school know nothing of the outside world. And this is their first trial run.

Besides getting inclusivity brownie points and inducted into the Big Three for this list, the show itself is pretty mediocre overall.


2. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 14: Valentine’s, and Then Hot Springs! – Please Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Episode 14: Valentine's, And Then Hot Springs! - Please Don't Get Your Hopes Up Anime Screenshot

Yes, I even dug up unaired episodes to make this list.

Thorough journalism, I know.

And the title pretty much sums up everything you should expect from this OVA.

It’s another episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, and it takes place around Valentine’s.

There are also some hot springs involved – but don’t get your hopes up! Unless your only hope is that there will be a lot of fanservice.

In that case, you’re bound to be pleased with this episode (along with some of our other fanservice picks).


1. The Misfit of Demon King Academy: History’s Strongest Demon King Reincarnates and Goes to School with His Descendants

The Misfit Of Demon King Academy: History's Strongest Demon King Reincarnates And Goes To School With His Descendants Anime

I know I keep saying “oh the title pretty much explains the plot”.

But that’s really what is happening here.

The protagonist is overpowered beyond all belief, and he truly does go to school with his descendants.

I will say though, that “Strongest Demon King” doesn’t do this guy enough justice.

He was killing people with the sound of his own heartbeat.

And it’s only fitting that this be our number one pick, given that this title is practically longer than any haiku out there.

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